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What We Do

Shared Ownership

Want to own or sell a share of a yacht? It is our passion to search the world for your perfect yacht and like-minded partners to share it with you.

We help you:

  • buy a share of a yacht.
  • find partners and sell shares in your yacht.

Why Shared Ownership?

Shared yacht ownership is not new. It has been successful for as long as yachting has been around, but it is the best-kept secret in yachting. Since the first yachts were built, they have been shared by family members, business partners and friends. Owning partners have benefited from sharing the cost and maximizing the use of the yachts. AvYachts is the expert in shared ownership, and we are here to match you with shared partners.

Shared ownership allows you to pay for the actual time you use the boat. Full yacht owners are paying for time the boat is docked and not used. On average, the AvYachts owner — at 25% ownership — saves 70% compared to full ownership of a similar boat, making it easy to afford a far superior yacht. In comparison to charters, the level of hassle-free, personalized, and high-level of service that we provide is priceless.

The AvYachts Story

We are on a mission.

We are on a mission to leverage the innovation of the sharing economy in the world of yachting. We believe that, through shared ownership, yachting can be accessible and fully enjoyed in the most efficient way. AvYachts organizes yacht sharing in a way that works best for you and puts you ahead of everyone else.

Why AvYachts

We understand shared ownership. Our passion is to find you the perfect yacht to share and the perfect people to share it with you. Start enjoying the yachting life today.

Matchmaker Services

AvYachts is passionate about finding the right yacht to buy into or the right partners to share a yacht. This is our mission: Shared yacht ownership is our core business. We know the yachts that will work as shared ownership yachts, are speaking with like-minded partners, and we know how to make your shared ownership structure work! AvYachts is the Shared Yacht Expert.


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Trial a Yacht

Try It Before You Buy It: 24 hours, 3 days or 7 days. Or even longer. And do not worry, we will deduct the trial period (charter) price from the purchase price if you decide to move forward owning a share of an AvYachts yacht. Looking for a different yacht to trial? We can set that up too! Exotic getaway or close-to-home adventure? Small crew or all hands-on deck? Whether you are considering ownership or planning a luxury getaway, a trial with AvYachts is the best way to sample the yachting lifestyle.


Trial a Yacht