Westport Yachts

Cruising the oceans on any one of Westport yachts seems like the perfect adventure. However, owning one of these boats is financially daunting. Paying the full price of a yacht is just one of the many requirements of Westport yachts ownership. You also have to cover slip fees, maintenance costs, and handling taxes. To keep the boat in good condition, you may have to employ subcontractors as well. The good news is you can use Westport yachts and experience luxury yachting without paying the full costs of ownership! Just charter with us!

AvYachts has an exclusive fleet of Westport yachts and boats that you can co-own or charter with other aspiring yachties. With our yacht share program, owning any of our exquisite Westport yachts and living the dream will be at your fingertips.

Why Become an Owner of Our Westport Yachts

At AvYachts, we believe sharing Westport yachts is an intelligent strategy for yachting enthusiasts. Here are the reasons why:

Being a shared owner of any of our Westport yachts costs less than sole ownership.

Chartering Westport yachts provides you with rights to use a boat for a limited time. When the term expires, you return the watercraft and end up with nothing. On the other hand, our shared ownership program for Westport yachts lets you co-own any of these vessels! This means that you are paying for an equity stake in any of our Westport yachts instead of temporary usage rights. As a shared owner of any of our Westport yachts, you have a say in where the vessel is located and how it is used and maintained.

Our Westport yachts come with a knowledgeable crew.

You do not need to worry about hiring a crew when you co-purchase any of our Westport yachts. When you want to use your yacht, it will be ready at the docks, perfectly staffed. From serving you chilled champagne to ensuring you sleep comfortably, your crew members will work hard to make your experience unforgettable.

Our Westport yachts are maintained to the highest possible standards.

When you share any of our Westport yachts with other owners, the hassle of boat management is removed from the equation. Our Westport yachts are regularly maintained in turnkey condition and are always ready for exhilarating water excursions.

Co-owners of our Westport yachts are given excellent privileges.

As an owner of any of our Westport yachts, you are given the privileges of a Premier Elite Alliance member. You can trade a week on one of our Westport yachts with weeks at any premium Elite Alliance property. Members of Elite Alliance can vacation in luxurious, professionally managed properties throughout the world.

Our Westport Yachts

AvYachts 34M | 112'

One of our Westport yachts is the AvYachts 34M | 112'. Boasting classic construction and contemporary decor, it has four en suite staterooms that can accommodate up to eight guests. Built for fun and relaxation and staffed with attentive crew, the AvYachts 34M is perfect for going on the yachting vacation of your dreams.

AvYachts 40M | 130'

Our Westport yachts include the tri-deck AvYachts 40M | 130'. It can house up to 10 guests in its 5 en suite staterooms. On the AvYachts 40, you can take a dip in the Jacuzzi, soak up rays on the sun deck, or enjoy cocktails in the sky lounge. Aboard this vessel, yachties are sure to make memories worth recalling

Purchase an Ownership Stake in Any of Our Westport Yachts

Do you wish to cruise the world's waters? Co-own one of our exclusive Westport yachts and embark on the most remarkable voyage! Call us or visit our website for more information.


Boarding a yacht and visiting exquisite locations is an experience like no other for you and your guests. If you want to own a yacht and go on a luxurious trip, AvYachts has the solution for you. We are a shared yacht ownership company that offers you the opportunity to have the ultimate yachting experience. When you turn to us, you can enjoy the benefits of having a yacht at a fraction of the cost of sole ownership.

We understand the unique needs of every yacht owner, which is why we personalize the feel of every boat. You can also count on us to handle the maintenance of your yacht and prepare it for your most awaited trip. The crew members will happily serve you during your time on board. They will strive to make sure you'll have a hassle-free trip.

AvYachts 34M | 112'

The AvYachts 34M | 112' can accommodate up to eight guests in four lavish staterooms. This yacht is equipped with an at-anchor stabilization system to give you the best experience despite any sea condition. Enjoy its open-air spaces with its sleek exterior decks. This space features walk-around side decks, a full bar, ample seating. You can also enjoy a large sunpad and a Jacuzzi tub. Apart from these features, you will have crew members to attend to your needs while you are on board.

Other Specifications:

  • Length: 34 Meters / 111' 8"
  • Beam: 7.3 Meters / 23' 9"
  • Draft: 1.6 Meters / 5' 6"
  • Exterior Designer: Westport Yachts / Taylor Olson
  • Interior Designer: Westport Yachts / Owner
  • Year Built: 2012
  • Cruise Speed: 22 Knots
  • Max Speed: 25 Knots

AvYachts 40M | 130'

The AvYachts 40M | 130' has three decks. It can accommodate up to 10 people in its 5 elegant staterooms. Designed for fun and relaxation, this yacht's exterior features a sundeck Jacuzzi, a full bar, and a swim platform. Meanwhile, the yacht's interior features a luxurious skylounge, a country kitchen, a marble-topped bar, and an electric fireplace.

Other Specifications:

  • Length: 39.6 Meters / 130'
  • Beam: 7.98 Meters / 26' 2"
  • Draft: 1.9 Meters / 6' 6"
  • Exterior Designer: Westport Yachts
  • Interior Designer: Westport Yachts
  • Year Built: 2014
  • Cruise Speed: 20 Knots
  • Max Speed: 24 Knots

AvYachts 50M | 164'

AvYachts luxury 50M | 164' boasts 6 luxurious and spacious staterooms that can accommodate up to 12 people. This yacht has a classy interior and exterior design to give you plenty of room to enjoy while you are on board. You also get up to 12 crew members who are ready to assist you during your trip.

Our Destinations

As a yacht owner, you can explore different destinations for six plus weeks every year. Travel to the following destinations while you're on board our luxurious yachts:

Cruise With Our Westport Yachts

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