Westport Yacht Charter

When it comes to outings, you have various options. You can spend the weekend at an island resort or the fanciest hotel. You may also book an adventure on a cruise ship. These are your traditional holiday getaways. If you want something that trumps all these vacation options, however, you can go for a Westport yacht charter.

AvYachts is a shared yacht ownership company that also provides Westport yacht charter services. We have a fleet of the finest yachts that are available for Westport yacht charter escapades. If you wish to cruise the seas without the stress of maintaining a boat, we have you covered. Sign up for our Westport yacht charter, and float through the world's paradises.

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What Makes a Westport Yacht Charter Different

To have the best fun with your family or friends, opt for a Westport yacht charter. Here are reasons why a yachting activity stands out from other holiday getaways:

On a Westport yacht charter, you get to see different sceneries.

When staying at luxury hotels or villas, you are greeted by the same view every day. However, aboard a Westport yacht charter, you can wake up to different dazzling sights. You can sail through picturesque routes, discover secluded anchorages, and explore tropical beaches. Those who are on a Westport yacht charter can also enjoy al fresco dining with stunning coastlines or picture-perfect mountains as a backdrop.

Aboard a Westport yacht charter, you can appreciate the oceans and skies reflecting the pink, orange, or blue hues of sunsets or sunrises. You can also toast star-studded nights with a crisp glass of sparkling wine. These make for an unforgettable week, whether you're on a Westport yacht charter for a family holiday, romantic rendezvous, or company party. If you want to experience the finest of the yachting life, you cannot go wrong with our splendid Westport yacht charter.

On a Westport yacht charter, you decide where you go or stay.

Trips aboard cruise ships are exciting, but you cannot direct these adventures. On the other hand, you have a say in where the vessel goes or stays on a Westport yacht charter. Not yet done admiring that glinting, dreamy turquoise lagoon? You can tell the captain of your Westport yacht charter that you want to stay a little longer. Do you see crystalline white stretches of sand in the distance? You can sail toward that mesmerizingly beautiful spot if you wish! You may also have dinner served to you at midnight on the deck, where you can admire the moon illuminate the quiet waters. Aboard a Westport yacht charter, you're in control of your yachting adventure.

On a Westport yacht charter, you have the ultimate privacy.

No matter how fancy a cruise ship is, it is still a passenger vehicle that you share with strangers. You take the elevators, eat at restaurants, or lounge in pools with faces you do not recognize. On a Westport yacht charter, you and your family have the vessel to yourselves! This means that you don't have to share spaces with unfamiliar people, you can plan your own recreational activities, and you can choose your travel destinations. Aboard our Westport yacht charter, you're free to do what you want, whether it is to sail toward a wild party or retreat to a calm island.

Westport Yacht Charter at AvYachts

Our maintained and crewed luxury yachts can be booked for a three-day or seven-day Westport yacht charter. You and your guests can benefit from VIP concierge services for your Westport yacht charter. You may also choose from our exquisite yachts for a single fee, exclusive of personal charges.

Book a Westport Yacht Charter Adventure

Realize your yachting dreams by booking a Westport yacht charter vacation at AvYachts! Out in the seas, "a world of life-changing experiences" awaits you. Contact us today to arrange your Westport yacht charter. For more information on our Westport yacht charter, visit our website.

AvYachts — Westport Yacht Charter

Boarding a yacht and visiting exquisite locations is an experience like no other for you and your guests. If you want to own a yacht and go on a luxurious trip, AvYachts has the solution for you. We are a shared yacht ownership company that offers you the opportunity to have the ultimate yachting experience. When you turn to us, you can enjoy the benefits of having a yacht at a fraction of the cost of sole ownership.

We understand the unique needs of every yacht owner, which is why we personalize the feel of every boat. You can also count on us to handle the maintenance of your yacht and prepare it for your most awaited trip. The crew members will happily serve you during your time on board. They will strive to make sure you'll have a hassle-free trip.

AvYachts 34M | 112'

The AvYachts 34M | 112' can accommodate up to eight guests in four lavish staterooms. This yacht is equipped with an at-anchor stabilization system to give you the best experience despite any sea condition. Enjoy its open-air spaces with its sleek exterior decks. This space features walk-around side decks, a full bar, ample seating. You can also enjoy a large sunpad and a Jacuzzi tub. Apart from these features, you will have crew members to attend to your needs while you are on board.

Other Specifications:

  • Length: 34 Meters / 111' 8"
  • Beam: 7.3 Meters / 23' 9"
  • Draft: 1.6 Meters / 5' 6"
  • Exterior Designer: Westport Yachts / Taylor Olson
  • Interior Designer: Westport Yachts / Owner
  • Year Built: 2012
  • Cruise Speed: 22 Knots
  • Max Speed: 25 Knots

AvYachts 40M | 130'

The AvYachts 40M | 130' has three decks. It can accommodate up to 10 people in its 5 elegant staterooms. Designed for fun and relaxation, this yacht's exterior features a sundeck Jacuzzi, a full bar, and a swim platform. Meanwhile, the yacht's interior features a luxurious skylounge, a country kitchen, a marble-topped bar, and an electric fireplace.

Other Specifications:

  • Length: 39.6 Meters / 130'
  • Beam: 7.98 Meters / 26' 2"
  • Draft: 1.9 Meters / 6' 6"
  • Exterior Designer: Westport Yachts
  • Interior Designer: Westport Yachts
  • Year Built: 2014
  • Cruise Speed: 20 Knots
  • Max Speed: 24 Knots

Our Destinations

As a yacht owner, you can explore different destinations for six plus weeks every year. Travel to the following destinations while you're on board our luxurious yachts:

Westport Yacht Charter — Cruise With Us

For more information about our affordable luxury fleet and the packages we offer, do not hesitate to contact us at +1-954-526-1010. Visit our website to learn more about our different popular destinations. Our office is located at 1515 SE 17th Street, Suite 131, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. We look forward to doing business with you.