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Trial A Yacht

Trial a Yacht means discovering your AvYachtsTM vessel.

Try it Before You Buy It: 24 hours, 3 days or 7 days. Or even longer. And don't worry, we will deduct the trial period (charter) price from the purchase price if you decide to move forward with your decision of owning a share of an AvYachts. Looking for a different yacht to trial? We can set that up too!

Exotic getaway or close-to-home adventure? Small crew or all hands on deck? Whether you're considering ownership or planning a luxury getaway, a trial with AvYachts is the best way to sample the Instant YachtificationTM lifestyle and all its possibility.


There's only one way to experience AvYachts: On board. Whether you're considering ownership or planning a one-time getaway, we're happy to welcome you aboard a trial voyage. Each charter offers a completely customizable experience, down to your yacht size, crew size, and destination. And after that? Well, who knows just where Instant YachtificationTM will take you?


Want smaller or bigger? Different location? New yacht instead of brokerage? Older yacht at a lower price point? Only want to share with one other owner? Have a yacht you are looking for others to co-own with you? We can help!