Shared Yacht

People may pool their resources to invest in items that they are happy to share on a long-term basis. These items are usually big-ticket things, such as a holiday home, an investment property, or a sailing boat. If you are interested in a yacht-sharing service, turn to AVYachts.

We are dedicated to helping aspiring yacht owners live their dream of exploring the seas. Through our yacht-sharing program, you can own a luxury sailing boat at a fraction of the costs! We provide unique boat sharing packages that can match a variety of budgets and lifestyles.

Advantages of a Boat Sharing Program

Yacht-sharing programs are becoming increasingly popular, and this is no accident. Boat sharing services come with an array of benefits for families, friends, or groups of people with the same interests.

Management of the Sailing Vessel

When you become part of a yacht-sharing program, the company will manage the vessel on your behalf. They will help issue the annual allowance days and make sure that there is a fair, even distribution among the yacht co-owners. To provide you with the best yachting experience, they will do whatever is possible to ensure that any spare day in ownership terms is used wisely.

Maintenance of the Sailing Vessel

The costs of care and maintenance can be a big obstacle to purchasing a sailing boat. That is because this aspect of yacht ownership might incur a considerable amount of time and money. Without getting proper care, a yacht may become dangerous and break down during a trip.

The good news is that it is possible to enjoy the benefits of yacht ownership without the hassle of maintenance. Yacht-sharing companies like AVYachts handle the care and maintenance of the sailing boat. From preventive maintenance to cleaning, the services offered of yacht-sharing companies allow you to enjoy the yachting life without any hassle.

Investment in the Sailing Vessel

When you purchase a boat through a yacht-sharing program, you can consider it a form of investment and have a lower-entry cost. Those who charter their boats for vacations cannot recoup their money once the term is over. With a yacht-sharing service, co-owners can sell their part of the yacht anytime and make a profit.

Stress-Free Yachting

Given that the yachting company will take over the hard work of owning a yacht, you can focus on using it and making the most of your time at sea. All you need to do is climb aboard and head off on an amazing and unforgettable yachting adventure!

Some yacht-sharing companies offer packages that include a staff, who will attend to all of your sailing needs. There may also be a skipper, so all you will have to do is walk around or sit down and relax while taking in stunning sceneries.

Shared Yacht Ownership at AVYachts

Our AVYachts shared yacht ownership entitles you to all of the joys and benefits of yacht ownership with fixed running and maintenance costs. AVYachts co-owners can enjoy complete personalization of their sailing boat, from photos to linens and favorite provisions.

At a price that is unmatched anywhere else and significantly lower than chartering, co-owners can book their yacht for up to three or six weeks each year. They also have the option to exchange one of their weeks with another co-owner on a similar yacht anywhere else in the world.

Invest in the Smart Way of Yachting

Allowing you to use your yacht as you like and on most days that you prefer is the goal of yacht shared ownership. As long as there are clear rules of usage of the shared vessel among co-owners, there should be no overlapping problems in the vacation calendar of each. Contact us today to learn more!