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Shared Yacht Ownership

Have you always imagined basking in the luxurious lifestyle that comes with yacht ownership? Thanks to shared yacht ownership, this dream can finally become a legitimate reality. Having a shared yacht arrangement allows you to navigate the extravagant and equally adventurous world of yachting—a marvelous experience unlike any other.

If you are currently exploring the possibility of yacht ownership, then AvYachts is here to help you achieve that. Yacht sharing is our specialty, and we invite you to enjoy all the benefits yacht ownership provides at only a fraction of the cost. In fact, your monthly fee will cover both comprehensive yacht maintenance and concierge solutions.

An Overview of Shared Yacht Ownership

When it comes to yacht sharing, one of the most important factors to consider is the flexibility of your arrangement. At AvYachts, we offer customized yacht ownership packages that are tailored to your lifestyle. Whether you want to use your yacht three or six times a year, we will gladly accommodate your preference.

On top of having the prestige of a yacht owner, you will also enjoy long-term savings in maintaining this shared, prized possession. You won’t be spending a fortune because you will be sharing overall yacht management and maintenance costs with your fellow owners.

Yacht Sharing Not Only Allows You to Save Money, But Time as Well

Maintaining your own yacht is a time-consuming endeavor that requires a ton of logistical effort. For instance, you’ll have to regularly coordinate with a contractor or deal with maintenance issues while your yacht is situated in a distant port. With us, yacht ownership becomes a convenient form of ownership. We’ll take care of maintaining your yacht so that you can focus on the things that matter when you aren’t using it.

Yacht Sharing Allows You to Explore Fascinating Destinations

As a yacht owner, you will have the privilege of exploring the world in the style. You’ll get to explore some of the best cruising destinations, such as the British Virgin Islands, New England, Cuba, Winward Islands, and the French Caribbean. Each cruise is bound to be an unforgettable experience as you and your family get to fully appreciate the picturesque sights our planet has to offer - all in the comfort and safety of your yacht.

Yacht Sharing Offers a Wide Variety of Ownership Privileges

Although some yacht sharing arrangements may prohibit owners from personalizing their yachts, that is definitely not the case with AvYachts. In fact, you can customize your yacht by adding photos, linens, provisions, and some of your prized possessions. In addition, you can book your yacht several times a year at a cost that is considerably less than chartering.

Sharing a Yacht Allows You to Live Like a King or Queen Every Time You Go on a Cruise

Being an AvYachts owner means that every vacation you take promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Whenever you decide to go on a cruise, your perfectly maintained yacht will be waiting for you, ready for another grand voyage. Also, your hardworking crew members will be there day and night, taking care of your needs and fulfilling various requests. Thus, all you have to do is sit back and completely savor the journey.

Being an AvYachts Owner Allows You to Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

With AvYachts, you won’t just reap the benefits of traveling around the world in luxury. To be specific, you’ll get the best of both land and sea. Being an AvYachts owner means that you will also have the privileges of a Premier Elite Alliance member. Reach out to us to learn more about the perks.

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The possibility of becoming a yacht owner is within reach, and your next step is to touch base with the helpful team of AvYachts. We look forward to showing you our magnificent fleet of fully equipped yachts and eventually welcoming you to the wonderful world of yachting. Contact AvYachts today!