AvYachts 50/50 Yacht Shared Ownership

As we spend time on the docks and speaking with yacht owners, and those looking to purchase their next yacht, we often encounter those who ask, “What’s the deal with yacht sharing, and is it right for me?” And, while everyone’s budget, schedule, and ideal day on the water may vary, the answers to these questions are often the same.

The immediate appeal of the AvYachts 50/50 Yacht Share program is simple: as opposed to conventional yacht ownership, shared yacht ownership allows you to enjoy your time on the water, while lowering the overall costs associated with owning a vessel of this caliber.

Additionally, with shared ownership, your yachting budget can go further. By pooling your collective resources with your yacht share partner, your overall budget (and your potential vessel options) will be greater.

So, whether you own a yacht that you can’t use as often as you’d like and want to offset the cost, or if you want to enjoy the yachting lifestyle but your budget and schedule doesn’t warrant full-out ownership, the AvYachts 50/50 Yacht Share program might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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