Shared ownership is responsible luxury. 

Owning a yacht is a massive responsibility that comes with a cost. There is a solution that can help you lower those costs and share in the maintenance. Sharing ownership with other like-minded people is a great way to make sure the yacht is used year-round and the costs are split amongst all parties involved

Torn between selling your yacht or keeping it?

Any chance you jumped into yacht ownership not fully realizing the real cost and responsibilities of ownership? It’s easy to focus on the perfect yacht and acquiring that valuable asset. But as you now probably know, with yacht ownership the yearly running cost and maintenance numbers are almost more important than purchase price. Maybe you discussed a range of the expected running cost, but didn’t consider crew, dockage payments, and other aspects. Maybe initially the yacht was perfect, but when you started using her with your family, the wish lists grew and began to outgrow the budget.

The money may not be why you are thinking of selling- you just hate to see your valuable asset sit. You thought you would have more time to go yachting. Maybe the first year you carved 10 weeks out of your calendar for yachting. This year, however, is looking more difficult to find time to get use out of your yacht and it no longer seems worth it.  

What can you do with the other weeks?  

You can sell 50% of the yacht, which is a great way to help pay for costs and have the yacht get used. Nothing changes for you, and you receive money up front and money to help with the yearly running costs. Plus the yacht and crew are not sitting, which is great for all parties involved.

Yes, you can still sell your whole yacht if shared ownership doesn’t sound ideal; the market is still hot, and it is a great time to sell. But you bought that yacht for a reason. You love yachting, getting on the water, how calm you are on a trip, the luxury of vacationing to a private island, and all that comes with it. You have gotten used to the privacy and being spoiled by your crew.

We understand you may be tired of dealing with and managing the crew and other day-to-day issues. Shared ownership means that professional yacht management can be easily built into your yearly budget and shared with the other owner/owners. That means less stress and lower costs while the way you use your yacht does not change.

Where do I sign up? 

AvYachts works with you to draw up your custom ownership plan. You define exactly how and when you want to use your yacht. Some things to consider during this process:

How many years do you want to be owning it?
Destination plan – where do you want the yacht to go?
Where is the home port?
Which weeks of the year do you want to use it?
Yearly budget 
Capital improvement projects
Outfitting goals

Based on your vision of ownership, we draw up an ownership and management agreement and promote your boat privately to AvYachts’ existing database of potential shared owners. Then we find you the perfect like-minded owner match for the part of the yacht that you want to sell. Fractional ownership is a great alternative to 100% ownership and will save you money in the short term and the long run.

AvYachts is the expert in yacht share brokerage. Whether you’re looking to sell a share of your yacht to a like-minded partner, or you want to buy a share of a yacht, our dedicated team of yacht brokers and veteran matchmakers is here to guide you every step of the way. Let us match you with just the right yacht, just the right partners and just the right ownership structure for you. Yacht to the fullest without the full costs of ownership.

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