You might be thinking of selling your yacht for a number of reasons: maybe it’s a regret covid purchase, maybe it costs more than anticipated to run, or perhaps you’re just not using it enough weeks out of the year to justify ownership. However, selling just a share of your yacht is a great solution which allows you to use it when you want while getting help with maintenance and running costs when you’re not.  

Yacht prices have soared, inventory has plunged, and competition has been brutal in all yacht size ranges. With yachts needing major refits and fetching multiple offers, buyers have been making snap decisions on a big financial investment. In some cases, this is leading to buyer’s remorse. Many buyers entered the market looking for a yacht to solve some of the problems the pandemic created. They wanted to escape crowds and have a private space to escape with their family. 

Owning a yacht is fabulous – you can run off to the Bahamas with family and friends for the weekend, explore the world on your own private floating island, and escape the everyday and enjoy the outdoors. However, after owning a yacht for a while, many owners are now thinking of selling. They love yachting but yacht ownership has issues that concern them. The bad news: 

- The yacht is sitting at the marina more than it is being used. 
- The refit costs more than anticipated. 
- The running costs are higher than forecasted. 
- Owners haven’t budgeted for the things that make yachting fun: full crew, great tender and toys, the right dockage, and transit cost to different destinations. 

The good news is: there is another solution. Rather than selling your yacht, get the best of both worlds by finding like-minded owners, and sell them a share. You can still enjoy your yacht while splitting ownership, refit and running costs. Bringing in a yachting partner can solve many of the problems that were keeping you from your full yachting potential.

Shared yacht ownership is not new.  Since yachting began, yachts have been shared between families, friends, and business partners. However, most brokers specialize in selling whole yachts, because most people spending this kind of money do not want to share and want total control and flexibility over this purchase. That said some yacht owners prefer the peace of mind that maximizing usage of your assets offers and are ok with not having the full 32-28 weeks to choose from when planning their yachting excursions. This is where we come in. AvYachts specializes in brokering shared ownership. If it makes sense for your current situation, we’d love to help sell a share of your yacht and find the perfect match for you.  

We won’t even need to search the world for your match or even list your yacht - we have spent the last 4 years investing in a database of like-minded potential yacht partners. We’d be happy to find you a partner to share in the cost of yacht ownership while still allowing you full enjoyment of your yacht.


AvYachts is the expert in yacht share brokerage. Whether you’re looking to sell a share of your yacht to a like-minded partner, or you want to buy a share of a yacht, our dedicated team of yacht brokers and veteran matchmakers is here to guide you every step of the way.  Let us match you with just the right yacht, just the right partners and just the right ownership structure for you. Yacht to the fullest without the full costs of ownership.