Financial Sense of Shared Ownership. How can yacht ownership improve my ROI?

Generate a ‘time dividend’.  Is the greatest luxury “time”?  Create time in your life by eliminating the considerable and ongoing responsibilities of sole ownership of a large yacht. Reinvest that time into higher-value family, business and other lifestyle priorities. The AvYachts program manages all aspects of vessel ownership (crewing, maintenance, regulatory compliance, risk management, etc.) and coordinates owners’ use throughout the year.

Own as much of it as you have use for.  Shared ownership through the AvYachts model allows the benefits of ownership, but with the upfront capital commitment and annual operating costs scaled down to the amount of time you wish to dedicate to yachting.  Given the AvYachts alternative, sole ownership of a large yacht is unavoidably irrational given that most owners are aboard their vessel less than five (5) weeks annually.

Scaled yacht ownership promotes more effective asset allocation and enhanced return on capital.  Own the share of a vessel the truly suits your needs and deploy more of your liquidity and debt capacity to appreciating and cash flow-positive investments.  Purchase a fractional share of an AvYachts 34 Meter or 40 Meter or another yacht available for shared owneship -  deploy the balance of the costs of a whole yacht to more strategic and truly accretive purposes.