Having the time of your life aboard your yacht is the easy part. But one of the hardest decisions for new yacht owners and experienced owners alike who are ready to make a purchase is determining the right size yacht to buy. Before you’re ready to start visiting stunning destinations and having the experiences of a lifetime, you need to ask yourself some questions. You need to analyze how you plan to use your yacht for your ultimate yachting lifestyle. Will it serve as a guest house for local cruising, or are you traveling the world? How many weeks are you yachting and with how many guests? What is the crew size that works best for you? What amenities are absolutely a necessity? You answer the easy questions, and AvYachts will create a plan to find the yacht that is right for you. 

Almost every yacht on the market is there because the last owner bought too small or too big for their long-term yachting needs. The majority aren’t leaving yachting, but simply working toward the right yacht size. It is a difficult decision, but a very normal part of the buying process, to change your mind and move up or down in size. 

Fun size quickly became undersized.

For some wonders, when they bought their yacht, they thought it was a good place to start, but then quickly grew out of it. You might realize you need more staterooms, more crew, more toys and tenders, or want to travel with more family or friends. You may also want amenities that were not on your original wish list, like a beach club or a tender garage to store the toys.  

A great option is to sell your current yacht and use that money to buy a shared ownership yacht – sharing the purchase price and operating costs among like-minded owners. You can get the bigger yacht that works best for you, but still be smart about the costs of ownership. We can help you own the yacht for a fraction of the cost.

Bigger isn’t always better.

Other yacht owners may have originally thought they’d use their yacht more often than they actually have. The operating costs might be high and managing the crew and yacht could be more of a hassle than anticipated. Some find themselves making difficult decisions because of high transport costs, therefore compromising trips they might want to make. This can result in having to run with less crew than you really want in order to keep costs down. It can also cause capital improvement or the purchase of toys and tenders to be put off due to budget.

The best things in life are shared. Your yacht can be one of them. 

A great option is to sell a share of your yacht to help cover capital improvement and share in the operating costs. Hiring a yacht manager is a great idea so you are not dealing with managing the yacht and the crew. You will have the money to relocate your yacht and will only be using it when you want. We make owning a yacht as easy and carefree as cruising on one. 

What is the right size for shared ownership?

The right size is whatever size is right for you, and we will help you determine that. We will match you with a yacht and co-owner that fits perfectly with your plans. Shared ownership specifications include a yacht that is running with a full-time professional crew that is 75’ and up. 

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