The kaleidoscope blues and pearly pink sands are one of the best reasons to visit the Exumas and Abacos in the Bahamas by superyacht. There is an undeniable pleasure in being able to sail into all those hidden nooks and crannies that few can reach. The rich coral archipelago boasts no less than 700 staggering islands and cays – many uninhabited. Days are best-spent island hopping, diving from the deck of your yacht into serene lagoons, and snorkeling side by side with exotic animals. Here are the very best strips of sand and salty seas to discover when cruising through the beautiful Bahamas.

Image 0253: pigs

Pig Beach, Exuma

On Big Major Cay you will find one of the most beloved stretches of sand in the whole of the Bahamas. Sure, Pig Beach boasts those gin colored hues and golden tones, but the crowds come here for one thing only – swimming pigs. The unbridled pleasure of swimming alongside snorting pink pigs is something superyacht guests won’t forget in a hurry. The pigs, who mysteriously turned up one day, spend their waking hours splashing, sniffing around the drifting boats for snacks, and sizzling like bacon in the sun.

Pink Sands Beach, Harbor Island, Eleuthera

Superyacht charters flock to the pearly stretch that makes up Pink Sands Beach. Flanking the entire eastern edge of Harbor Island, the pastel shades of this spot are surreal. The grains of sand takes on a peachy hue especially striking when trimmed with turquoise waters. A coral reef parts the breakers from the sand, meaning there are exceptional snorkeling spots and calm lagoon-like waters to be enjoyed. In the whole of the Bahamas, families particularly seem to adore this spot in Eleuthera as it boasts some of the safest spots for the little ones to splash safely about. Lovers too will find that with 5km of rose gold sands to explore you can pick a perfect spot for a private picnic.

Image 0254: Eleuthera

Shroud Cay, Exuma

Sitting pretty in the Exuma National Park, Shroud Cay is your Robinson Crusoe dreams come true.  The best thing about sweet Shroud Cay is that superyacht guests will find her completely uninhabited save but for the sleepy turtles, lounging lizards, and curios eyed birds watching you from the mangroves. The waters here are warm and shallow, perfect for splashing and snorkeling and for those who want to go deeper into discovering the delights of Shroud Cay you can also take a non-motorized boat down through the creek in search of secret slips of pink sand and the chance to view collections of wildlife congregating on the rocks and shore.

Dean's Blue Hole, Long Island

The deepest blue hole in the world – this warm pool sits like a sapphire stone in the iridescent waters that lap around Long Island. Plummeting down into the depths of the sea by a staggering 663-foot drop, divers will delight in taking the plunge. Those who have traversed the depths say that surrounding Dean’s Blue Hole is flanked on three sides by a natural rock amphitheater and is also one of the worlds largest underwater chambers. Turtles and seahorses skirt around the edge and the coral caves and gentle banks that edge out around this mythical Long Island spot bloom with coral life. Visibility in the hole can reach between 50-100 ft of crystal clarity making it a dreamy spot for snorkelers to explore too. Afterward, you can swim back to the deck of your superyacht for an ice-cold beer or flop down on the sunbaked white sands.

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Radio Beach, Bimini

A blip on the map of the Bahamas, Bimini may be small, but she certainly knows how to impress. This stunning little spot is all about laid-back charm and with the opening of a new resort, you may not be the only superyacht anchored in the water, but that doesn’t take away from Bimini’s charm. Radio Beach boasts golden sands that slope off into the tranquil waters for miles. You can wade out forever before turning back to head to the pop-up beach bar for a rum punch. On weekends the beach flips a switch as DJ’s hit the sands and conch shacks sizzle in the sun.

Treasure Cay Beach, Great Abaco Sound

The Abacos is home to numerous world-class beaches. Treasure Cay Beach is most famous of them all. She stretches across four miles of stunningly secluded, sugary-soft sand and mesmerizing turquoise waters. The setting of this endless, sparkling seashore takes on a whole new meaning of long walks on the beach. While some say, pictures are worth a thousand words, this crescent-shaped, powder-white sand beach, and its glittery waters cannot prepare visitors enough when they set foot on this private oasis.