For the experienced yacht owner, the 112' Westport is the ideal yacht when it comes time to downsize. For newcomers, it's the ultimate entry-level superyacht. And for shared ownership, it's perfect for well, a few reasons. Keep reading to discover the 5 reasons why the 112' Westport Motor Yacht is one of the best yachts for fractional ownership.

Good Resale Value 
Unlike most private yachts, which depreciate in value, Westports tend to have very low depreciation. Between high demand and the fact that even older builds can be easily refit to look brand new, they are easy to resell, or find partners to share ownership with - most Wesport Yachts for sale do not stay on the market long.

If there's one thing Westports are known for, it's being dependable. And having a dependable yacht means more time on the water and less time in the yard, or waiting for new parts. 

From hull construction through to fit and finish, Westport uses only the highest quality materials. They're lighter weight, faster and more fuel-effecient than luxury yachts made with steel and aluminum; plus, they're less susceptible to corrosion, and offer excellent structural integrity. 

Depending on the travel location, you can expect to get 32 to 40 weeks of use out of your Westport, compared to an average 28 weeks of use with other yachts. 

Easy to Refit 
A simple interior refit can make an older Westport look brand new. Take Motor Yacht Hannah, which was built in 2003, for example. After a nine-month interior refit in 2019, Motor Yacht Hannah was up for Boat International's "Refit of the Year" award in 2021 and is now up for sale. 

Ideal Size  
With four en suite staterooms sleeping up to eight guests, the 112' Westport offers total flexibility of use - it's perfect for travelling as a couple, or bringing family and friends. Not to mention, the yacht can run with three to five crew members depending on the level of service you are looking for.

Easy to Charter 
112' Westport Yacht Charters are in high demand. This is good news for all Westport owners and shared owners who have open weeks in which the yacht is going unused. Rather than letting those weeks go unused, owners can opt to charter the yacht out and defray some of the costs of yacht ownership. She can charter for up to $60,000 a week and due to the limited inventory, you can book as many weeks as you and your partner(s) wish.  

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