Fractional yacht company AvYachts is expanding its move into the travel sharing economy through a partnership with vacation home exchange program Elite Alliance.

Via this new agreement, owners of AvYachts’ vessels can trade a week on their timeshared boat for a three-week stay in an Elite Alliance property. This partnership furthers AvYachts’ mission to open up luxury seafaring to a wider affluent audience.


AvYachts brings the fractional ownership model to sea, taking inspiration from aviation companies such as NetJets and Flexjet. Each yacht is split into five shares, with each partial owner entitled to six weeks on board.

“We are committed to providing our owners with maximum flexibility in how they spend their time with us,” said Kathy Kennedy, AvYachts’ chief operating officer, in a statement.

“Our partnership with Elite Alliance will enable AvYachts owners to trade a week on their yachts for three weeks at a premium residence club, house or other property around the world,” she said. “An owner may spend a few weeks in the winter in the Bahamas, then a couple of weeks in the summer off Nantucket and, finally, trade a week on her yacht for three weeks at a Tuscan villa through Elite Alliance.”

While this partnership allows AvYachts owners more flexibility in their travel plans, it also opens up maritime options for Elite Alliance members. Those who own an Elite Alliance property will be able to not just travel to other villas and residence clubs, but also book time on a boat.

“Many of our members have asked about a yachting option that complements our wide range of global luxury beach, mountain, golf and getaway destinations,” said Rob Goodyear, president of Elite Alliance. “The partnership with AvYachts adds a unique dimension to our offering, and we expect great demand from our members for this exciting and visionary opportunity.”

As consumers become less committed to owning, a number of services are launching to cater to those who would rather rent.

Online rental service A&L Luxuries is tapping an underserved segment of the consumer market by targeting those who do not travel often.

A&L Luxuries provides high-end pieces of luggage on-loan, including duffle bags and carry-on suitcases, as an alternative to buying expensive baggage. Although inspired by consumers who are not frequent travelers, the service is ideal for consumers looking to avoid the hassle of storing luggage when not in use or can be used to obtain additional pieces for an extended stay or due to purchases made abroad.

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