Written By: Gabriel Ruiz

AvYachts, the foremost provider of fractional yacht ownership, announced that it has entered into a partnership with elite alliance, the leader in exchange services for luxurious vacation homes. With this partnership, AvYachts owners are now also members of elite alliance, and can trade a week on their yacht for three weeks at a luxury villa or other elite alliance property around the world, with the option of trading additional weeks if they choose. In exchange, elite alliance members also have access to AvYachts' vessels.

AvYachts brings to yachting the fractional ownership model pioneered by private jet travel companies such as Flexjet and NetJets. Owners can purchase one of five shares in a yacht, with each share entitling its owner to six weeks annually aboard a fully crewed luxury yacht. The yachts, built by Westport, North America’s premier luxury yacht builder, are 112, 130 or 164 feet in length. AvYachts owners can travel to and from some of the most sought-after destinations including South Florida, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands and New England, with planning for European and other global destinations underway.

“We are committed to providing our owners with maximum flexibility in how they spend their time with us. Our partnership with elite alliance will enable AvYachts owners to trade a week on their yachts for three weeks at a premium residence club, house or other property around the world,” said Kathy Kennedy, AvYachts’ chief operating officer. “An owner may spend a few weeks in the winter in the Bahamas, then a couple of weeks in the summer off Nantucket and, finally, trade a week on her yacht for three weeks at a Tuscan villa through elite alliance.”

Added Rob Goodyear, president of elite alliance, “Many of our members have asked about a yachting option that complements our wide range of global luxury beach, mountain, golf and getaway destinations. The partnership with AvYachts adds a unique dimension to our offering, and we expect great demand from our members for this exciting and visionary opportunity.”

AvYachts is the most dynamic and trusted global alternative yachting lifestyle brand, the first truly new advance in yachting in generations. Combining shared, hassle-free and cash-efficient yacht ownership with a highly curated and customized voyage, AvYachts makes it about the experience, not the vessel.

“Yachting is the ultimate experience, yet it has been an experience available to only a few. At AvYachts, we are changing that, bridging the gap between unsatisfyingly generic charters and costly whole-yacht ownership in which you pay for something you use for only a handful of weeks. AvYachts is transforming the yachting industry, opening up a world that many never thought possible for themselves and their families, at a cost far less than owning a yacht outright but with a personalized touch unavailable in charters,” said Kennedy.

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