Situated in the bustling Quay plaza off of 17th Street in Fort Lauderdale, Suite 131 will serve as the headquarters for the shared yacht ownership company. 

AvYachts is a shared yacht ownership company that offers its members yacht ownership benefits for a fraction of the cost. Unlike traditional fractional yacht ownership companies, AvYachts goes one step further in offering its members not only a flexible multi-week cruising schedule, but fixed yacht management and maintenance fees as well as VIP Concierge services that arrange for private jet transportation, bespoke yacht experiences and shoreside excursions.

In development is a state-of-the-art app that will provide AvYachts members unfettered access to their yacht, the AvYachts Concierge, itinerary options and cruising schedules.

The vision of company CEO Herb Postma and a team of industry veterans that includes maritime and aviation lawyer Michael Moore and COO Kathy Kennedy, AVYachts has a mission to provide the ultimate yachting experience to individuals who want to avoid the hassles and unknowns of full yacht ownership but are looking for a more stable platform than charter. Postma brings over 30 years of yacht ownership and management experience to the AVYachts team, having served as the President and CEO of Hatteras Yachts as well as the founder of Pacific Northwest yacht builder Westship. Capitalizing on his experience in production boat building and management, Postma has created a set fee structure for AVYachts clients that eliminates the mystery of budgeting for maintenance and management costs.

“AVYachts offers the ultimate yacht experience to busy clients in a seamless, stress-free and convenient package,” says Postma. “From door-to-yacht private jet transportation to experiences on the finest yachts worldwide, AVYachts represents the next generation of luxury lifestyle enjoyment in a cost-effective package.”