In the past superyachts have been synonymous with old money; if you weren’t a celebrity or a rock star then you were from old Hampton's stock celebrating early retirement and lashings of disposable income. Times have changed, and now Millennials are playing a huge part in the fabulous future of yachting.

Owning a share of a yacht fits in beautifully with the millennial mindset. For a generation seeking freedom, independence to explore, Instagram worthy settings and something new each day – yachts can deliver exactly that dream. Here’s why millennials should get onboard with the idea of yacht charter vacations…

Stress-Free & Sophisticated Yacht Travel

Millennials are all about travel, especially as many are kickstarting their families at a later age, this frees up plenty of time to play around the world. Conventional travel requires plenty of organization, but chartering a yacht is a sublimely stress-free option. Once you know which oceans you want to cross, you pick your boat with AvYachts and the captain and crew can do the rest for you. All you have to do is sit back with a crisp G&T in hand and prepare to plunge into the blue whenever the urge takes you.

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A New Path For Explorers

Whether you dream of swimming with pigs in the Bahamas, following in the footsteps of Melville in Nantucket, or wander the lavender fields in the south of France, there is no shortage of adventures for yacht charters. Not only do you have your pick of postcard-perfect destinations, but there are endless options once you get there. History buffs can trail blaze famous pirates across the Caribbean, foodies can test all the chowders in Cape Cod, and adrenaline seekers can surf, kayak and snorkel to their heart's delight.

Your Yacht: Private Party or Rest Resort

A spa, a five-star restaurant, a first-class suite, a VIP beach club, and the world at your feet – your yacht charter can fulfill all these needs. Being on a yacht becomes your own private oasis, a place for you and your friends to let loose and live the life you want. Whether you want to throw wild parties on deck or simply kick back and sip ice cold beers on the aft deck, you set the pace and the tone. Also imagine the photo opportunities for sharing on social media – glam goings on around the pool, leaping from the deck into the Azul hues of blue, killer sunsets and cracking another bottle of champagne…

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Affordable Yachting Options

Owning a yacht may be a pricey option but choosing a shared ownership or purchasing a Paradise Getaway Card is surprisingly affordable for millennials seeking an option that goes beyond the ordinary. When you add up all the different facets of atypical travel– splurging on fine food, bar hopping, a whirlwind of parties and accommodation – the prices can soar, and that’s all without the pleasure of switching up destinations. Yet the AvYachts lifestyle takes the world and hands it to you on a silver platter, this dream is well within your reach.