No less than sixty islands make up the charter playground of the beautiful British Virgin Islands.  Famous on the superyacht scene, the BVI as it is affectionately known, is beloved for its classy Caribbean vibes. With no direct flights from the US it means that this pocket of pretty perfection is a sailors dream. Scores of powder soft shores, blues that fuse the sky with the sea, and an island to suit every mood ensure nothing but good vibes and ebbing tides for AvYacht members. From decadent diving sites to sublime swim up bars, this is the ultimate bucketlist for getting the best experience of the British Virgin Islands.

Explore The Baths
The Baths are the crowning glory of the Virgin Gorda and a must for any AvYacht owner sailing the blue breath of the BVI. The Baths is celebrated as being one of the most beautiful beaches across the Caribbean and one glimpse of her grottos, pearly sands strewn with boulders and mirror like turquoise surface is enough to cement her position.

Sprawled across seven acres, the Baths boasts a series of smooth granite boulders to climb with rope and ladders, shimmering rock pools, and cavernous rocks providing hidden spots for snorkeling and splashing. Walk through the cool glacial blue caves until you stumble upon Devil’s Bay – an awe-inspiring spot for a conch salad and champagne picnic.

Drop Anchor on Anegada
The flat coral clad island barely seems to lift her head from the azure hues of the British Virgin Islands, but she is a favored spot for dropping anchor. This is the most far-flung of the islands and you can feel it – Anegada has something wild and untamed about her. The peach sands are awash with flamingos, the iguana sanctuary makes for a fascinating way to spend a couple of hours, and the main town has less than 200 people.

Divers will shiver with bliss when they first catch sight of the 40-mile-long Horseshoe Bay from the deck of their yacht. This is one of the longest coral reefs n the Caribbean and blazes with color and paddling sea turtles. If snorkeling isn’t your thing – then adrenaline junkies can try their hand at kite-surfing, or you can opt for a more Zen like serene experience kayaking above the coral.

Pair a Painkiller With Conch
Alongside beautiful beaches and impeccable sailing grounds, the British Virgin Islands are famed for two things – fresh conch and heady cocktails. You haven’t lived the ultimate BVI experience until you have sipped a fruity creamy coconut drink laced with rum – notoriously known as The Painkiller and best enjoyed at the swim up and raucous floating bar of Wiley T’s.

To stop that woozy feeling, turn to another of the BVI’s best taste sensations – fresh conch. Ask your private chef to whip you up conch ceviche doused with citrus and spice or crisp conch fritters dipped in a tangy cilantro mayo. Enjoy a smorgasbord of seafood delights al fresco style on the deck of your luxury yacht.

Find Joy On Jost Van Dyke
As pretty as a picture, Jost Van Dyke is the poster child for the sublime joy that the British Virgin Islands can bring. Green hills, white sands, miles of blue, and a collection of world class restaurants, quaint bars and red rooftops set the scene at Jost Van Dyke. Be sure to take the tender to shore for a dip in the famed bubbly pool – a natural whirlpool just out from Foxy’s Beach Bar, the latter also renowned for being the ultimate party spot.

Having a yacht to explore the shores around Jost Van Dyke is heaven sent – especially when you first set eyes on the stunning Sandy Cay and Sandy Spit. The teeny tiny islands are often deserted and make a great backdrop for Robinson Crusoe dreams, private paddles, and glorious off the beaten track hikes.

Snorkel the Dogs
Five islands sit like a splayed hand west of the Virgin Gorda, completely uninhabited - even free from the colony of noisy seals that earnt these lands their name. As part of the national park and home to a bird sanctuary, there is a lot to fall in love with on these shores – but perhaps the most bucketlist worthy reason to visit is for the sublime snorkeling.

Glassy clear waters, a plethora of sea creatures, and the thrill of being far from the tourist trail make the Dogs an amazing spot for sailing, anchoring and snorkeling. Great Dog and George Dog are the most hospitable spots to drop anchor, be careful though - you can lose a week or two lost in the gorgeous blues and tranquil energy of the Dogs.

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