Creative businesses can choose to step their success up a notch by choosing to host their next corporate retreat on a superyacht. While other companies may look to spa weekends, swift city breaks, or country cottages as an ideal backdrop for team bonding – nothing will make for a smooth sailing future quite like an AvYachts retreat. Nothing makes a statement like inviting your finest team players to join you on a yacht. Elegant, extravagant, and the ultimate reward that’s sure to boost your ROI, take a look at these tips for planning a memorable corporate retreat at sea.

Corporate retreats aren’t a new idea; for years savvy business owners have been inviting their employees to escape the daily grind and to spend quality time together. Untangling your staff from the office environment invites the chance to bond, be creative, nurture relationships and tap into hidden potential. It also offers employees an incentive to reach higher if they know they have a chance to spend a day or even a weekend on a superyacht.

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Choose Your AvYacht Wisely

Your business budget will impact the style of corporate retreat you can offer. Some superyachts can be chartered by the day, the weekend, or even longer. Even chartering a yacht for a day can give the time needed to refresh the senses. However, a day charter will limit your choice of yacht and will restrict your options when it comes to how far you can sail and what amenities will be on board. AvYachts 3-Day Paradise Card can hit that sweet spot – giving space to relax, to come together, to talk business and to embrace pleasure. 

According to budget and timeframe, you will also want to put care and thought into which AvYacht you choose to host your corporate retreat. If booking a yacht for the weekend, you want to make sure that ample accommodation is available. Consider the fact that many yachts offer shared cabin space and make sure that the employees joining you onboard are comfortable with this. If shared accommodation proves to be tricky to navigate, there is always the option of keeping the yacht docked in port during the nights and using local hotel accommodation.

Load up on Logistics

A corporate retreat at sea may take a little more planning than those that stick close to shore. Pick your team tactically and wisely as the last thing you want is a bunch of people who have deep conflicts with each other getting cabin fever. You also need to make sure that allergies have been checked, medical conditions have been considered, and that dietary requirements have been shared with the chef. Planning a superyacht retreat well in advance and working with a dedicated broker or yacht specialist can help to ensure all the boxes have been ticked.

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Be Generous with Downtime

A corporate retreat should keep business talk at arms-length and encourage plenty of rest and rejuvenation. Work this into your superyacht charter program. Many yachts boast onboard spas and private masseuses, some have cinemas, and others have a whole host of toys and tenders. You could even consider sailing to remote shores free from Wi-Fi so that your employees aren’t tempted to spend their time at sea surfing the web. Film nights, perfect pampering, and hours unwinding in the hot tub could be exactly what your employees need to kickstart their creative heart.


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Encourage Bonding on the Boat

Jet-Ski races, treasure hunts on hidden Caribbean Islands, and lobster picnics on deserted shores – a yacht charter offers ample opportunity for planning perfect team bonding exercises. While office and landlocked team bonding can quickly become stale, the ocean brings people together like no other environment. Shared sunsets, the exhilaration of the salt wind in your hair, the gasp at witnessing dolphins tumble together offshore, and the excitement of waking up to a new view each day - the beautiful shared experience will work to bring your team together like few other destinations.

A corporate yacht charter shows that you are a company that thinks outside the box. It also gifts employees a new perspective and the chance to shine. The movement of the sea is known to boost reflective moods and meditation – both of which can have a positive impact on creativity.