Land and air may seem like an enticing way to travel, but nothing beats the freedom and finesse of taking a superyacht across the seas. There are some spots on earth where a boat brings you a secret key into unchartered territory and where every day brings the beauty of rare new shores. Sailing a superyacht across fjords and far-flung islands open an entirely new world – take a look at these spots you absolutely need a superyacht to experience.

The Greek Islands

From the glamorous blue and white shores of Santorini to the tiny taverns and wild landscapes of the Northern Sporades – Greece is a prime spot for a yacht odyssey. With limited connections by road and air, the only way to hop around the pristine sun-scorched islands of Greece is with a luxury yacht charter. In the fabled home of the Cyclops, you can see sunken ruins in warm diamond clear waters, nibble mezze treats in the olive strewn countryside and try your hand at spear fishing in Varko.

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The Fjords of Norway

Norway’s fjord system is an intricate labyrinth of ribbon-like waters, tumbling falls, and towering cliffs and the best way to experience it is from the water. Sailing along the blaze of summer greens, kayaking close to the dramatic falls, and stepping ashore picture book pretty towns is the only way to discover these fairytale lands. From the picture book island of Alesund to the home of the Vikings in Geiringer, and the UNESCO city of Bergen surrounded by seven mountains, with a yacht you can touch base at some of nature’s most beautiful places.

The British Virgin Islands

Claiming to have more yachts than anywhere else in the world – there is a reason as to why the BVI makes for such a stunning charter destination. The soft-lit lagoons, lashings of sunshine, and run soaked pirate coves make for a bountiful adventure. The Virgin Gorda baths are a huge draw with their stunning rock formations and pearly pink sands. Sail to Sandy Bay for a famous Painkiller cocktail at the Soggy Dollar Bar, and snorkel the sunken ships at the Rhone National Park. The only way of accessing this stunning array of cays is by boat, so you may as well make it a five-star superyacht.

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The Whitsundays 

The wonder of the Whitsundays has been tempting gliding white yachts for years. Boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the UNESCO site of the Great Barrier Reef, this part of Australia is a breathtaking bucket list destination. Start from Hamilton Island and spend a couple of days underwater exploring to see the fluorescent colors that blaze beneath the blue. Soak up the sun on the pure silica sands of Whitehaven and admire the ancient aboriginal cave paintings on the eastern shores of the Nara Inlet. With 74 islands all of an exceptional caliber of beauty, some of the best marine life and reefs in the world, and slips of deserted sand to call your own -  a yacht is the only way to explore the Whitsundays.  


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 The French Riveria

A long-time yacht haven -the glitz and glamor of the French Riviera is a charter paradise. From rolling the dice at the casinos of Monaco to dropping anchor at Antibes, for those who love to shop and splurge in style – the Riviera is your perfect port of call. Yet, for those who want a little more comfort than class, the French Riviera can still deliver – close by you will find the fragrant lavender fields of Provence and the unspoiled charm of the Cap Ferrat. Spend your summer rubbing shoulders with celebrities, partying on deck, and swilling champagne at the Cannes Film Festival with a yacht charter along the sultriest European coastline.