Time spent on a superyacht is nothing short of life-changing lifestyle. While this may sound dramatic, there is something about the salt air, the sun on your skin, and the power and prowess in your soul that a superyacht experience can nurture. It can be like pressing the reset button.

Once upon a time, superyachts seemed so far from reach – the peak of perfect success. Even today, they still reflect the fact that the good life is well and truly within your grasp. Now with shared yacht ownership, this elite club has cracked open its doors a tiny bit, and those bold enough to take a piece of the yachting lifestyle are invited to share the fun. For those setting sail for a life of bright new horizons, here are our tips on making the most of your yacht and soaking up the experience…

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Don’t be Shy

For those who aren’t yet well-versed in the world of cruising on a superyacht, it’s helpful to remember that it doesn’t pay to be shy. Be specific about your wants and needs – this is a landscape that is absolutely designed to cater to your desires. Before you even step onboard you will be asked to fill out a preference sheet, so the chef and crew can ensure you get your favorite things on deck. If you have a certain wine that you adore -ask for it, if you can’t stomach shellfish – tell someone. It is also helpful to let the captain and crew know what ports are calling, what activities you have your mind on, and whether you want to hit the party scene along Miami or head into unchartered remote waters of Bimini.

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Spend Time on the Boat


Especially for those who are hitting up the sunshine sights of Florida or spending summers in The Hamptons, you may find yourself spending more time onshore hitting the hottest restaurants, parties, and high-class events. To truly make the most of your superyacht experience – we suggest taking the time to make full use of your yacht facilities. Spend your mornings doing yoga on deck with a private instructor, the afternoons are for snorkeling or making the most of the tenders and toys, and your evenings inviting friends onboard for a themed supper – this is why people are so drawn to the wonderful world of yachting.

Take Advice

While a superyacht is your private floating oasis and the place to have all your fanciful whims met, it certainly pays to listen to what your Captain and AvYachts Concierge both have to say. When it comes to piecing together a killer itinerary, seeking out the best beaches in Cuba, and deciding when to dock or stay at anchor– your Concierge and Captain work together to put the puzzle together. While sailing is all part of the superyacht experience, you don’t want to waste your days traveling endless distances without any time to stop and snorkel or step ashore. Your Captain knows the boat; they will be able to tell you which ports of call are too ambitious in the time allocated and when will be the best departure times for setting sail.

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Consider the Crew

Behind an amazing yacht, there is an amazing crew. Knowing how to utilize your crew best will truly add to your superyacht experience. For example; make the most of the chef. There are few pleasures in life as fine as having your own private Michelin starred worthy chef. While eating onshore is encouraged to experience the local culture, make sure that you eat onboard as much as possible and express your fabulous foodie wants. If you have a sweet tooth, let the chef know so they can whip up wondrous pastries for breakfast, scones for afternoon tea, and homemade gelato for movie nights. Even beyond the gourmet kitchen, you will find a whole team of people committed to making your stay a dream. From the captain who ensures that you get to your destination to the deckhands who help you make the most of the yacht’s tenders and toys, the stewards who keep your surroundings fresh and beautiful, and the purser who arrange all those exotic events – having a tight-knit team truly enhances the superyacht experience.

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Consider Childcare

Another aspect of crew life you should consider is when traveling with children. While it can be tempting to expect the crew to entertain your youngsters fulltime, this is not really in their job description and can take their attention away from other aspects of ensuring the yacht is running smoothly. We recommend bringing a nanny who will be dedicated to caring for the children. Parents will no doubt want time and space to lap up the yachting lifestyle – a medley of soirees, active watersports, and spa afternoons in Jost Van Dyke are waiting to be enjoyed. While there is more than ample opportunity for family time, having a nanny on hand can make space for everyone to enjoy life onboard.

Now Relax

The modern world is a buzz of energy and even when experiencing the best of life, we are reluctant to simply let go. A yacht is a perfect environment to put your phone down, turn off, and breathe in the beauty of life at sea. Yachts are designed to be super soothing spaces and pleasure playgrounds so make the most of it. From onboard massages and spa treatments, to simply stretching out on the aft deck with a book in hand, every aspect can be designed so that you don’t need to lift a finger.

Our AvYachts Program is specifically designed to bring the beauty of yachting to all those who want to be a part of this world of wonder. No longer tied only to the retired and the super wealthy, shared yacht ownership opens up a whole new way of life for those who dare to dream.