We’ve all been there. Your gorgeous yacht is listed for sale—the boat is pristine, the crew is fantastic, the accessories are top of the line, and you are eager to sell. But, for whatever reason, while you’ve got some bites, nothing real has come along. Is it the wrong time? Is it the wrong price? What are you to do?


Well, have you thought of listing your yacht with the AvYachts 50/50 Yacht Share Program? Rather than selling your yacht outright, get the best of both worlds by finding a like-minded partner and selling them half. You can still enjoy time on the water, while splitting ownership, refit and running costs with your yacht’s co-owner.


With the AvYachts 50/50 Yacht Share Program, you can open your selling and ownership options, take advantage of our team’s vast network within the industry, and continue spending time on the water.


Contact us today and see if the AvYachts 50/50 Yacht Share Program is right for you.