As spring approaches, everyone feels the draw of the ocean.  Especially when the yacht you have always wanted is coming to the boat show soon. Maybe even tomorrow. How much longer can you wait?  The dreamer in you says, it’s time to own a 112’ (34M) Westport.

What about the cost?

You have the money to invest in a yacht and you are planning to go shopping at the boat show tomorrow.  You should also consider that you can own and experience the same yacht at 1/2 the cost.  Is that not a smarter investment?

But even when you have the resources to purchase a yacht, you know the costs and effort only begin with ownership.  Maintenance, docking, support and crew just for starters.  Unfortunately, this dream does not take care of itself.  Do you want to pay the full amount of expenses or are these expenses that make more financial sense to share?

Do you have the time?

Do you really have the time to devote to full yacht ownership? How many weeks a year do you have to devote to yachting.  Guessing it is not fifty-two weeks or even half of that.  The average yachter uses less than four weeks a year on his yacht.  Look around next time you are driving by a marina.  How many yachts are sitting idle?

Until recently, full ownership was your only choice. You had to commit.  But fortunately, times have changed.   Now, you don’t have to own a full yacht.  You can share it.  That makes sense of not only the cost but also with the reality of the time that you have to enjoy your yacht.  What is important that you are out on the ocean on your yacht this Spring!

Thanks to the ability to own a share of a yacht, you can now enjoy the unique and luxurious experience that only yachting provides you without the stress and cost.

Welcome to Instant Yachtification.

Here at AvYachts, you can have the breathtaking and ever-exhilarating experiences of yachting all to yourself and your family when you want it and without worrying about the maintenance, security, costs and crew this beautiful craft the rest of the year. Not to mention you can own your share of the yacht itself with much less of the cost of what you’ll see at the boat show.

Some of life’s best dreams still need to be owned to be enjoyed.  But with AvYachts, yachting is one dream that is much better shared.