Taking children on a superyacht charter is a beautiful way of introducing them to the joys of the world, and what child doesn’t adore the idea of playing pirates out in the depths of the big blue sea. 

For adults - you can sip champagne, snorkel in the coral reefs, dine on gourmet food and linger in the jacuzzi; you may be wondering how children can stay entertained among all these grownup activities. But look again, the ocean, the wild coastline, and a ton of toys and tenders onboard – with all this, you don’t need to worry about your little ones going stir crazy. Here are a few tips to ensure your halcyon superyacht days go like a dream…

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Picking the Perfect Yacht for the Entire Family 

Superyachts come in all styles, shapes, and sizes – when sailing with small people, you should make sure to find a yacht that’s suitable. Some yachts out there are custom designed for families offering lock gates, netted edges and surveillance systems. Other yachts will be myriads of sparkling glass and precious antiques. The very best way to find a yacht that suits your needs is to discuss with your AvYachts Concierge.

It’s not just the layout and safety features that need to be discussed when seeking the right yacht, but also the options onboard. Superyachts can come with an array of extra features and toys, you should always double check first if the water toys like the water skis and kayaks come in child size. 

Finally, ask about the crew. The crew can make all the difference when sailing with young kids. While you cannot expect the crew to take over full babysitting duties, sometimes it works to have a crew who love kids and are more than happy to plan a treasure hunt or engage with your kids. Many crew members are even qualified nannies.

Creating a Custom Child-Friendly Itinerary

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From the pirate cove shores of the Caribbean to the old castles of Europe, charter destinations blend historical education with lashings of family fun. Finding child-friendly places to visit on a superyacht is a breeze as you have all the freedom of the open ocean to explore.

The Virgin Islands is a great destination for those traveling with young imaginations. From splashing in the Virgin Gorda baths to seeking out buried treasure at the caves on Norman Island, and swimming with turtles and dolphins- these are memories that will last a lifetime.

Over on the shores of Greece, you can island hop around – read tales of one-eyed monsters and sirens, and take the jet skis out to whizz across the gin colored waters. In Norway – float down the fjords telling fairy tales and playing Vikings as you pass beneath roaring waterfalls.

Exhilarating Kid Adventures

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With the right yacht, a riveting destination, and an experienced crew – your family-friendly charter adventure is on the right path. Filling those dreamy days are a cinch, let your children learn a watersport – whether its snorkeling the coral reefs, or pretending to be Robinson Crusoe as you raft around the islands. Plan treasure hunts, leaving clues scattered across secret coves, or build fires on secluded beaches and have a campout, cooking fish caught fresh that day and sleeping beneath the stars.

Back on board and there can be cooking classes with the chef, the chance to be captain for a day, to play with inflatable slides and floating playgrounds, and to snuggle up beneath the moon and watch movies in the outdoor cinema. Superyacht charters with children create stunning opportunities to see the world in fun-soaked style -no matter what age you are.