The beauty of a boat is that no secret corner is ever stashed out of reach. As an AvYachts member or Trial Charterer, picking a sublime sailing destination is one of the most exciting aspects of piecing together your ocean-bound adventure. From the blue kiss of the Caribbean to the sultry cigar and rum soaked shores of Cuba, suddenly the world and her wonders are cracked open like a clam – revealing a pearl of possibility.

Choosing the right port of call is utterly unique to every guest and depends what you want out of your yachting experience. Some guests want to wine and dine around the world, others are compelled to unravel the history and culture of a place, and some are merely seeking soft sands, warm seas, and lazy days diving in and out of turquoise lagoons. Here are some factors to keep in mind when picking your dream destination. Of course your AvYachts Concierge will help you along the way!

Seasonal Tides

The first consideration for choosing your yacht charter destination should be about marrying place to a season. For example; a yacht charter to New England is a sweet summer dream – from sultry parties in the Hamptons to lazy beach days in Nantucket. But winter would be a different story – one of crashing waves, thick blankets of fog, and freezing temperatures. The same goes for the Caribbean; while you can swap winter for warmth in the BVI you don’t want to set sail during the height of hurricane season.

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The Tick of Time

Check your calendar, as picking your yacht destination may also be tied to how much time you have to spare and other such logistics. Those who have oceans of time can look further afield; you can spend weeks sailing around the Abacos and the Exumas. Those who have only a few days away can still embrace the movement and luxury of sailing by taking your charter down to the Florida Keys or Bimini. Another factor worth thinking about is language, money, and passports. Places like Cuba and the Caribbean will require visas and while English is widely spoken across the yachting world, you may just want the ease and comfort of staying closer to home.

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Solo Style or Family Fun

Picking your perfect yacht charter destination will also depend on who will be accompanying you as you set sail into the setting sun. A family traveling with children onboard may be more drawn towards Pirates of the Caribbean style adventure than the grown-up tangos and cultural adventures you can have in a place like Cuba. Couples seeking spa romance and grape to glass pleasures can head to the whimsical shores of Martha’s Vineyard.

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Active Adventure or the Big Chill

While any custom-created yacht itinerary can marry the need for adventure with space and time to kick back on deck and relax, some destinations deliver more excitement than others. For example, if you are looking for hammock lounging, cocktails at dusk, and coconut clad spa days then the Caribbean ticks all the right boxes for a restful rejuvenating stay. If you prefer a challenge; then you could explore the crumbling colonial streets and open-air museum of Cuba, or head to the Florida Keys to try your hand at reeling in one of those famous big fish.

Custom Choices or Well-Trodden Ways

The absolute pleasure of having use of a yacht charter with the Paradise Getaway Card is the fact that you can pick which watery paths you take. Some charter guests prefer to steer clear of the planning – they know they want to see the highlights of the British Virgin Islands and are happy to let the captain and crew showcase the fine spots. Other yacht charter guests don’t want to be confined to a single destination – for example, they want to see both South Florida and Bimini in the same trip. Others may want to visit New England but prefer to spend their time discovering the secret gems and avoiding the well-loved shores of places like Cape Cod. Building a custom itinerary can gift you the wonder of visiting the ports that call to you and of filling your itinerary with shore visits and activities that match your interests.