New Year always starts the same; full of hope and prosperity that can fade as quickly as the fizzle of the midnight fireworks. The trick to keeping momentum running throughout the year is to stop making huge generic declarations and to think specific. Living your best life may sound fluffy around the edges; but the reality comes in setting specific, measurable, and attainable goals. This should be the year that you stop seeing your dreams as vague misty hopes and start carving the calendar for your best success…

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Embrace the Art of Traveling By Yacht

Exploring the globe is one of the best resolutions you can weave into your 2020 plan. Travel invites you to play, to indulge the senses, to break away from the norm, to reconnect, and to grow. Even for those with hectic work schedules, nothing will rebalance you quite like cruising on your yacht across the big blue, spending summer on the shores of Europe, or even hitting the home country ports. Expand your circle, embrace new experiences, and curate memories that you can hold onto long past a year or two.

Invest In Your Yachting Future

Make 2020 the year you build foundations for your future. Some people will take this to mean investing in a property or something that brings them financial security later in life. But you could also choose to invest in something that will bring you pleasure. A holiday home or the AvYachts shared ownership program can bring a new angle to the art of living well. Suddenly, the world becomes your oyster when you invest in making happiness tangible.


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Start Seeing Your Yachting Dreams As Reality

Lofty dreams can be fine-tuned into reality with the right mentality and a dedicated approach. Whether your dreams include writing a novel, owning a yacht, or venturing out to start a new business, you should start thinking about how to make these things happen. The trick to success is to break big dreams down into small manageable and attainable goals.

Ticking small realistic goals off your list gets you closer to the main one. Work hard, don’t back down, and be willing to make sacrifices – maybe your novel will need to be self-published, maybe your yacht will come with shared ownership, maybe your new business will start small – it’s all part of the journey to great success.

Practice Self-Care

Striving for goals, working to achieve your best success, and exploring the world are all amazing ways of living well in 2020, but you need to strike a balance to avoid a burnout. You want to make sure that alongside hitting your ambition, you are also practicing self-care.

Self-care can be as simple as eating healthy food, sleeping enough, balancing work and play, or unplugging for an hour each day to walk or read a book. It can also be bigger than that; recognizing your strengths, opting to be selfish occasionally, and chasing your desires.

By practicing self-care, you are subtly changing your mindset – reminding yourself that you are worthy, which in turn makes you more likely to trust your instinct and achieve your dreams.