THe 24th annual Yacht Sales and the Law Seminar organized by the International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA) focused on professional and career development by sharing the latest sales and legal trends in the yacht brokerage industry.   AvYachts CEO, William C. Davies, recently spoke at the seminar on the panel of industry leaders discussing the state of the Yachting Industry.

AvYachts is a disrupter in the yachting community.  In the past clients had the options to buy an entire yacht or charter a yacht.  Shared ownership is not new but the timing for yachting is finally right. Demand for shared ownership of all assets is in high consumer demand.  

Yacht owners should be able to enjoy their time onboard without the hassle of ownership and to cost effectively pay for what they use.  It is important for yacht brokers to offer shared ownership as a third option when they are working with their clients. The clients will ask and the great news is there are great shared yacht ownership options now avialable.

About AvYachts

AvYachts applies to yachting the shared ownership model used by private jet travel companies. Owners can purchase shares in a yacht, entitling access for three or six weeks aboard the yacht annually, depending on the term. Simple, transparent and cost-effective annual pricing for maintenance and operations keeps everything simple, and personalized concierge service, ensures that ownership is hassle-free.  The yachts, built by Westport, North America’s largest luxury yacht builder, are 34M (112 feet) and 40M (130 feet) in length. AvYachts owners can travel to such sought-after destinations including South Florida, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, Leeward Islands and New England, with planning for European and other global destinations underway. 

About Instant Yachtification

Instant Yachtification means: Removing all of the barriers to entry in yachting and introducing a life-changing experience. It’s about being transported to a new luxurious world that would otherwise take years to master and many more dollars to invest in. It’s an unmatched experience for you to share with family, friends and loved ones. As a shared owner, the stress and hassle are removed from the entire equation. The yachting world becomes full of fun, adventure, wonder, care and service that very few things in life can match. Once on board, it’s your world. Your yacht. Your perfectly tailored experience.