Owning a yacht

Yacht ownership is incredible- it will let you take your family on adventures and build memories that last a lifetime. Your kids and grandkids can learn about boating and gain experiences they’ll cherish forever. 

Owning a yacht is an investment in yourself. There are few things more relaxing than enjoying the stress-free times out on the open waters aboard your own crewed yacht. 

For most people, a normal week consists of working long hours, running errands, taking the kids to school, and picking them up from extracurriculars. We all need recovery time from the real world with friends and family. Plus, we all want more adventure in our lives. So many wonderful emotions can come from exploring new environments, cultures, and conquering the unknown.

Why consider yacht co-ownership?

  • Yachting is expensive and consists not only of the purchase price, but the annual running costs. Yacht co-ownership means it costs ½ as much and you will be sharing in the cost of gas, crew, and more. In fact, the more owners, the lower the costs.
  • You are sharing the costs of the tender and toys.
  • You can only use your yacht so many days out of the year. Most owners use their yacht around 6 weeks/year, so there is plenty of time to divide between owners.  Depending on the program, you can get around 28-32 weeks a year. (Unfortunately, due to maintenance time, transit time to new destinations, crew time off and turnaround time between trips you are not dividing 52 weeks.)
  • The yacht is fully managed by a crew, so you do not need to get involved in the day-to-day decisions.
  • As a co-owner, you are not on the yacht at the same time with the owner and never have to interact with them. It is the same experience as if you were the sole owner.


If I am not interacting with the other co-owner, why do I care about matchmaking?  Why is that so important?

Nothing could be more important than finding a like-minded owner for yacht co-ownership to work. You need to agree on the following:

  • The destination plan for the years you co-own the yacht.
  • The personality of the crew, creating a good match for both owners.
  • The level of maintenance and improvement on the yacht annually.
  • The décor, toys and tenders – budgets and wish list.
  • The way you care for the yacht and treat the crew.  (Your annual cost will be lower with less turnover.)
  • The home port where the yacht will be kept when it is not traveling.
  • The calendar – making sure you both don’t require the same times of year (for example, both having children with the same spring break or both wanting the holidays every year.)

How do I start a match?

Reach out to us at AvYachts, and we will help you refine your yachting experience based on what you are looking for.

Based on your yachting experience, we may recommend a strategic charter (link) to answer a few more questions. Our goal is to find the best fit for you. (link what size yacht) We will take the time to learn more about you and your family and help you find the right yacht ownership experience for you. We call this on-boarding into our system of potential yacht share matches. You will learn a lot that will help in your yacht search.

The process

If you’re ready to begin the process of yacht co-ownership, we can start by reviewing if any of our current match options are right for you.

If not, we can start a new project based on your requirements. We ask for 60 days to work our magic and find your like-minded yacht co-owner. There is no commitment to launch an initial search.

We are not selling a specific product currently in inventory, and we are not force fitting co-owners. We have found from experience that at this investment level, owners want an extremely customized solution, and we can help curate that for you.  

The yacht you’re looking for may not be a yacht that is currently on the market. We are constantly looking for the right yachting opportunities for our clients, so rest assured we will keep an eye out for your perfect yacht. 


AvYachts is the expert in yacht share brokerage. Whether you’re looking to sell a share of your yacht to a like-minded partner, or you want to buy a share of a yacht, our dedicated team of yacht brokers and veteran matchmakers is here to guide you every step of the way.  Let us match you with just the right yacht, just the right partners and just the right ownership structure for you. Yacht to the fullest without the full costs of ownership.