Your Welcome Party

At the first sighting of our fresh-faced guests, we line up to present our welcome travelers with cool fluffy fresh towels and a glass of chilled champagne. A couple members of the crew will glide in to help with luggage and unpack and press clothes, while the guests enjoy an exciting tour of their new floating home.

Bright and Early at First Light

While our guests are sleeping peacefully in oceans of duvets, we tiptoe around the boat - opening blinds to let the sunlight stream in, turning on lights and handing over from the night staff. 
The interior crew will be busy as bees, as the chef whips up breakfast platters of fresh fruit and flaky pastries. The stews will set the table and fold the napkins, ensuring everything looks fresh and breezy and ready for that striking first impression. Meanwhile, the exterior crew will be plumping cushions on the aft deck, setting up towels, checking the toys and tenders. Someone will also step ashore to pick up the warm morning newspapers and anything else the guests ask for.The captain will be tucked away in the bridge, checking storm patterns and picking the most picturesque route for fair winds and halcyon days to follow.

Image 0145: bfast

More Morning Magic

The day really begins after breakfast as the plans for the day are put into action. From jet skiing to paddling out on standup paddleboards, snorkeling and scuba diving - the ocean is a giant playground. The crew is there to assist every step; handing out fresh towels when guests return from a swim or help navigate a trip ashore. If any special event or requests from guests are in the works such as celebrations and parties, we will be busy picking up decorations and organizing the menu with the chef.

Afternoon Delight

Whether guests would like a BBQ on the beach or silver service on deck, we will be seamlessly prepping for a lingering lunch. Al fresco lunches are always fabulous, we shake out the white linen tablecloths, polish the silverware and uncork the wine. If guests decide to dine on a beach blanket, then we will pack a pretty picnic full of gourmet treats. 
In the lull of after lunch, guests can continue frolicking in the water, head to shore for some sightseeing and shopping or lounge about getting sun-kissed by the sun. While guests are enjoying the glitzy ports of call, the interior will be prepping the boat for their return, ensuring cabins are refreshed with crisp corners, touching up the flower arrangements, running errands, and thinking about dinner plans. The exterior will be tidying up the beach setup, replenishing perfectly rolled towels, assisting the guests with tender rides and water toys. 


Image 0148: bed

Shaking up Cocktail Hour

Everyone adores cocktail hour - having a sundowner on deck is the pinnacle of yacht life perfection. Crew members who are savvy at serving handcrafted and muddled cocktails will get to work behind the bar while the chef prepares some delectable canapes and appetizers to pair. Guests can sip and swirl onboard or take a tender ride to watch the sunset with the silhouette of the yacht in the distance. 

Image 0147: wine

Twilight Preparations

As the guests mingle over their drinks, the crew are busy setting the scene for an elegant dinner - lighting candles and choosing just the right music to set the tone. 
A silver service or seamlessly synchronized dinner is served. Our impeccably trained stews are well versed in the art of ensuring wine glasses are always full, without you ever noticing them. After dessert, the crew will serve tea and coffee and finally digestifs and top-ups before leaving you to linger in your after-dinner conversation. As the stars come out guests can head for a night out on the town, relax with a movie and late-night snacks, whether it's your favorite junk food or freshly baked cookies, enjoy evening drinks or even their own private party onboard.

Meanwhile, the captain will be planning the coordinates for the next day and make any necessary calls to agents and dockmasters. The chef will be cleaning up the galley after dinner service and prepping for tomorrow's menus. Stews will be delivering a turndown service in the cabin; placing a chocolate on your pillow or another special touch they use to sign off on an incredible day. Out on deck, the sand and salt from the day will be quietly washed away. 

All crew members will be working their magic cleaning up from the day's events, making the yacht look spic and span as well as preparing for a bright new day of fun, all while you enjoy the tranquility of being rocked to sleep.