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Instant YachtificationTM

It's your world. Your yacht. Your perfectly tailored experience.

With AvYachtsTM shared ownership, you purchase a portion or "share" of a specific yacht. It's yours.
Purchase your share in increments of 10% ownership, with each block of shares equaling a specific number of weeks - 10% being three (3) weeks a year - that you own a share of the LLC that owns the yacht.

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After five years, once the yacht is sold, we will return the proceeds of the sale to you.

You pay a quarterly maintenance fee that covers everything except your consumables while onboard. Once you're ready: Simply choose your departure date and destination, sign off on your customized menus, itinerary and activities and you will experience "Instant Yachtifcation!"

A shared ownership means you are also now the owner of your yacht.

Once your crew gets to know you and your preferences, you wont have to explain what you want during each trip. The staff will ensure that the yacht is presented in ways that you prefer. If you like being greeted with a cold towel and a Pimm's cup, with jazz on the stereo and jet skis in the water, the crew will make sure each of these is in place before your arrival. Your favorite yacht and crew is here to serve you and will stay prepared for each trip. The only new element will be your destination.