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Fractional Yacht

fractional yacht

Imagine boarding your private yacht or sailboat, spending a week in the Caribbean with your friends. If this sounds like heaven to you, it's time to make your dreams a reality through fractional yachting. Many people aspire to own a yacht or even a sailboat. However, very few can actually afford to buy one. This is where fractional yachts come in handy.

For individuals who've always dreamed of buying a yacht, fractional ownership may be the ideal option. Through fractional yachting, you can own a brand-new yacht at a fraction of the cost. By reaching out to companies that provide fractional yachts, you can gain all the benefits of yacht ownership without breaking the bank.

What Are Fractional Yachts?

Fractional yachting is not the same as joining a boat club or yacht chartering. A boat club membership gives you access to use a sailboat fleet that someone else owns, while yacht chartering allows you to cruise for a week or two aboard somebody else’s vessel. What makes fractional yachting different is that the boat you’re using is one that you actually own.

Through fractional yachting, you can enjoy all the benefits of yacht ownership without the associated high costs. With fractional yachts, you legally own a part of it as an asset that you can transfer or sell. Typically, you get more time on board your fractional yachts when you own a bigger percentage of it.

Bear in mind, however, that you share the ownership of fractional yachts with other individuals. You can’t personalize fractional yachts the same way you could customize your own, and you have to plan your itineraries in advance to ensure that you can use the boat when needed.