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Fractional Yacht Sales

fractional yacht sales

Owning a yacht is a dream for many. However, the full price of one of these luxury yachts is just the beginning of your yachting expenses if you seize the opportunity to become a yacht owner. Whether it is time or money, you'll need to spend a lot to keep your yacht in top shape. Luckily, you can own a yacht without shouldering all the maintenance, management, and operational costs through fractional yacht sales, making it much more affordable.

With fractional yacht sales from AvYachts, you can enjoy the benefits of yacht ownership by investing only in a share of the expenses. The hassles of staffing and maintaining your yacht are taken out of the picture if you become an AvYachts owner. Once on board, all you need to do is sit back, admire the waters, and have our courteous crew attend to your needs. Take advantage of our fractional yacht sales and experience luxury yachting minus the stress.

Our fractional yacht sales allow you to become a shared owner of a yacht.

As a member of our fractional yacht sales program, you legally own a share in the vessel. By co-owning a luxury yacht with other AvYacht members through fractional yacht sales, you get access to all the joys of yacht ownership without paying its full price.

Our fractional yacht sales are simpler and more affordable than conventional yacht ownership.

Apart from the initial capital, traditional yacht ownership comes with many other expenses. Without fractional yacht sales, you may need to hire your own captain and crew and pay their salaries. Also, unlike fractional yacht sales programs, traditional ownership may require hiring subcontractors to keep your watercraft in good condition. You do not have to worry about these if you opt for our fractional yacht sales.

With our fractional yacht sales program, you can realize your yachting dreams at a cost that is significantly less than the conventional yacht ownership model. You also won't have to worry about maintaining your yacht, dealing with subcontractors, and hiring crew members. The monthly fee that comes with our fractional yacht sales already covers turnkey yacht management, maintenance, and concierge planning services.

Our fractional yacht sales allow flexible use of a luxury watercraft.

You might think participating in fractional yacht sales and co-owning a yacht will compromise your access to it. The good news is it will not! The goal of fractional yacht sales is to let the co-owners use the yacht when they desire as long as they abide by the usage rules. With our fractional yacht sales, owners can book their yacht for six plus weeks a year. 

If you'd like to spend some time on dry land, you can trade a week on your yacht for weeks at a residence club or vacation home. We've partnered with Elite Alliance, the leader in vacation home exchange service.

Become a Part of Our Fractional Yacht Sales Program

Have you always dreamed of owning a yacht and embarking on the grandest voyage? At AvYachts, you can "own a share of a yacht and a world of life-changing experiences." To learn more about fractional yacht sales, check out our blogs.

AvYachts - Fractional Yacht Sales

Boarding a yacht and visiting exquisite locations is an experience like no other for you and your guests. If you want to own a yacht and go on a luxurious trip, AvYachts has the solution for you. We are a fractional yacht ownership company that offers you the opportunity to have the ultimate yachting experience. When you turn to us, you can enjoy the benefits of having a yacht at a fraction of the cost of sole ownership.

We understand the unique needs of every yacht owner, which is why we personalize the feel of every yacht. You can also count on us to handle the maintenance of your yacht and prepare it for your most awaited trip.

AvYachts 34M | 112'

The AvYachts 34M | 112' can accommodate up to eight guests in four lavish staterooms. This yacht is equipped with an at-anchor stabilization system to give you the best experience despite any sea condition. Enjoy its open-air spaces with its sleek exterior decks. This space features walk-around side decks, a full bar, ample seating. You can also enjoy a large sunpad and a Jacuzzi tub. Apart from these features, you will have crew members to attend to your needs while you are on board.

Other Specifications:

  • Length: 34 Meters / 111' 8"
  • Beam: 7.3 Meters / 23' 9"
  • Draft: 1.6 Meters / 5' 6"
  • Exterior Designer: Westport Yachts / Taylor Olson
  • Interior Designer: Westport Yachts / Owner
  • Year Built: 2012
  • Cruise Speed: 22 Knots
  • Max Speed: 25 Knots
  • Tender 27' SeaVee
  • Full menu of water toys

AvYachts 40M | 130'

The AvYachts 40M | 130' has three decks. It can accommodate up to 10 people in its 5 elegant staterooms. Designed for fun and relaxation, this yacht's exterior features a sundeck Jacuzzi, a full bar, and a swim platform. Meanwhile, the yacht's interior features a luxurious skylounge, a country kitchen, a marble-topped bar, and an electric fireplace. You will have seven (7) crew members to attend to your needs while you are aboard.

Other Specifications:

  • Length: 39.6 Meters / 130'
  • Beam: 7.98 Meters / 26' 2"
  • Draft: 1.9 Meters / 6' 6"
  • Exterior Designer: Westport Yachts
  • Interior Designer: Westport Yachts
  • Year Built: 2014
  • Cruise Speed: 20 Knots
  • Max Speed: 24 Knots
  • Tender 32' Contender
  • Full menu of water toys

40M Westport - Our Destinations

As a yacht owner, you can explore different destinations for six plus weeks every year. Travel to the following destinations while you're on board our luxurious yachts:

Fractional Yacht Sales — Cruise With Us

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