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Fractional Yacht Ownership

fractional yacht ownership

Fractional yachts ownership differs from chartering in that the person who plans to use the vessel will own parts of it. One of the main benefits of fractional yachting ownership is that it can help keep buy-in costs low for a larger yacht and leave the maintenance to a management company.

If you are interested in fractional yachts ownership, AvYachts is the company you can turn to. We offer quality fractional ownership service to those who are dreaming of owning a yacht. Through our service, you can enjoy the conveniences of yacht ownership without the hassle of maintaining the vessel.

The Smart, Cost-Effective Way of Yachting

Some may consider yachts as the perfect holiday home. Nothing compares to exploring the seas on a boat that offers optimum comfort and functionality. That said, not everyone may be able to afford to live the yacht life. This is where fractional yachts ownership can help.

The goal of fractional yachts ownership is to tailor individualized, intelligent, and secure yachting ownership solutions to the needs of anyone who aspires to be a yacht owner. Different from traditional ownership, fractional yachts ownership guarantees your enjoyment of exploring the seas while you get to keep yachting costs to a minimum.

With fractional yachts ownership, you may be able to own a yacht that is bigger than the vessel you may be able to get for your current investment. Fractional ownership of a yacht also allows you to use the boat as you like and on most days that are convenient for you. The berthing, cleaning, repairs, and maintenance of the vessel will be the responsibility of the fractional yachts ownership company.

Realizing Your Dream of Owning a Yacht

The high purchase price and ever-increasing annual costs associated with yacht ownership are one of the reasons why some of us stay away from it. This reason to avoid yacht ownership is supported by the fact that no one would normally use a yacht 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. With fractional yachts ownership, you can live your dream of owning a yacht at a fraction of the costs.

An Affordable Alternative to Traditional Yacht Ownership

By distributing the purchase and annual costs of yacht ownership with another individual, you can enjoy the benefits of luxury yachting in a way that may be more affordable for you. Those who share yacht ownership may be able to use their vessel in an individualized and flexible the entire year. In addition, they can avoid time conflicts by sharing yacht ownership with a person whose interests align with theirs.

Living the Yachting Life Without Any Hassle

Through fractional yachts ownership, you can enjoy your pressure leisure time at sea while someone else handles all the aspects of yacht management for you. The fractional ownership company will help make sure that the shared vessel is in top condition and arrange maintenance, dockage, and repositioning as needed.

Fractional Yachts Ownership That Fits Your Budget and Lifestyle

Great fractional yachts ownership should be able to provide you with customizable packages that can fit your lifestyle as well as budget. At AvYachts, we give you the choice to be a shared owner for six (6) plus weeks of the year. Additionally, you will be offered the opportunity to sell or trade a week at sea with a week on shore. This is through the privileges of being a Premier Elite Alliance member.

We understand that one size does not fit all in fractional yachts ownership. For this reason, we allow you to choose the size of your yacht as well as the time on board that is the most convenient for you.