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Fractional Ownership Yacht

Yacht ownership is a dream of many, but not all get to accomplish it due to the relatively astronomical cost of single ownership. However, there is a more cost-efficient way of owning one in the form of fractional yacht ownership. Also referred to as shared ownership, fractional yacht ownership has been increasingly popular because of the overall cost savings it provides.

If you’re not sure where to turn to for fractional yachting, you can count on the dedicated team of AvYachts. We want more people to experience the luxury of being a boat owner, and we get to achieve that through customized fractional yacht ownership.

Yachting Ownership: A Magnificent Experience Unlike Any Other

Fractional boat ownership is an investment that allows you to enter a breathtaking world filled with blue skies, clear waters, as well as stunning, exotic destinations. Even better, fractional boat ownership allows you to navigate this world in a sleek and sophisticated yacht that has all the amenities necessary for a first-class voyage.

AvYachts has a spectacular fleet of world-class yachts that are available for fractional boat ownership. Our boats feature completely furnished suites as well as a wide range of amenities to enhance your yachting experience, including hot tubs, sun pads, dining areas, and walk-around side decks.


South Florida and Bimini

Extravagance amidst paradise best describes the stretch of South Florida to Bimini and is something every boat owner should witness. Whether you want to dine in the upscale restaurants of Palm Beach or find out why Miami is the epicenter of art and culture, you are in for a fabulous experience. You can also go diving and snorkeling at Bimini, famously known as the “Gateway to the Bahamas.”


As an AvYachts boat owner, you can explore the wonders of Cuba, known for its eventful history and sumptuous cuisine. For instance, you can travel to Holguin, the place where Christopher Columbus made his entrance into the New World. You can also take a trip to Havana, a unique, must-see city that has done a tremendous job in preserving its architectural heritage and history. The city also offers culinary delights to make your vacation extra satisfying.

Winward Islands

Fractional yacht ownership gives you the opportunity to explore this cluster of five islands, each one captivating in its own distinct way. For instance, Barbados features a perfect balance between the calming atmosphere of the beach as well as the adrenaline that comes with any popular tourist destination. As a boat owner, you can also head over to St. Lucia where the photogenic Marigot Bay awaits.

U.S. Virgin Islands

Every boat owner should schedule a vacation at the U.S. Virgin Islands and see the national parks, sugar plantations, as well as beaches that have received noteworthy praise from National Geographic. If you want to savor the finest that nature has to offer, then you’ll be delighted by St. John’s cacti lands as well as an abundance of flora and fauna. On the other hand, St. Thomas offers the best of both worlds, as its features snorkeling-friendly waters and duty-free stores.

The Abacos

Few places can represent authentic Bahamian culture like The Abacos. The turquoise waters will give you a feeling of absolute tranquility - ideal for anyone who wants to unwind from the daily hustle and bustle. You certainly won’t run out of activities to do, as The Abacos is known as a fishing and diving destination. Some notable destinations in The Abacos include Green Turtle Cay, Great Guana, and Marsh Harbour.