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Frequently Asked Questions

Selling A share of your yacht

I want to sell a share of my yacht; where do I start?

The process of selling your yacht begins right here with one of our expert matchmakers. They'll first take you through an onboarding process to get to know you and your preferences in order to match you with just the right partner. They'll ask questions like:

  • For how many weeks each year do you expect to use your yacht?
  • Where do you want the yacht to be based?
  • For how long do plan to own your yacht?

What are the benefits of selling a share in my yacht?

Not only will you be able to receive cash up front and additional funds to help cover the annual running costs but your yacht and crew will also benefit when you sell a share in your yacht: Your yacht will spend less time sitting on the dock and more time being enjoyed. Not to mention that, depending on how many shares you sell, you may still charter your yacht out for additional income to further defray running costs.

How much of my yacht should I sell?

How much you should sell is really dependent upon how much you use it now and how much you plan to use it in the future. Our matchmaking experts can help you determine the most appropriate co-ownership structure for your needs.

Buying A share of a yacht

I am new to yachting and have no idea where to start. Do you have any advice?

It takes time to really get to know your preferences when it comes to yachting. After all, it's not easy to know what your ideal yacht is if you've never experienced yachting before. We recommend our trial program as a great first step for anyone considering making the leap into co-ownership or even full ownership. By sampling different yachts through charters, you'll be able to experience firsthand a variety of key factors such as yacht size, crew size, available destinations, and more to help you define your ideal yachting experience.

What does it mean to do a strategic charter, or trial, of a share in a yacht?

We strongly encourage all prospective buyers to do a trial of a yacht under consideration before deciding on whether or not to buy it; this is called strategic chartering. What you can learn on such a charter is always useful in confirming whether this is the yacht and program that is right for you. Further, the cost of the trial charter itself can usually be negotiated to apply to the purchase price of the yacht if you chose to move forward with buying a share. Depending on the size of the yacht you are looking for, the standard term for a trial charter is one week, though we can also find shorter charters should that be your preference.

What is the cost to trial/charter a yacht?

The trial/charter rate will depend on the build year and size of the yacht. Not included in the charter rate are the APA, expenses while onboard, and a discretionary tip for the crew

Where are the yachts kept?

The destination of the yachts will be dependent on the time of year in which you are looking to travel. The beauty of yachts is that they move with the weather! We recommend starting in an area in which you are interested in trialing/chartering.

How do I move forward with a trial? And how does the process work?

We're excited to have you join us onboard. Email us at or call us at +1-954-526-1010 to get started on booking your trial. We first will have you share your desired number of guests, preferred travel dates, and destination choices. After that, we will work to set up a custom itinerary specially designed for you. Once you sign off on your custom itinerary, we will send you a contract and ask for the deposit.