1Where will I be able to use the boat?
You will have the ability to use your yacht in amazing destinations throughout your five years of ownership.

Click here for our destination Guide.

2What is included with the quarterly fee?
The quarterly fee covers all crew costs, maintenance, insurance, and repositioning to the locations on the cruising schedule.

3Why is there no tipping?
You are an owner so there is no need to tip. On a charter, the rule of thumb for tipping is 10%-20% of the charter. For ownership we pay our AvYachts crew above industry standard. The AvYachts crew is also on an incentive program. All of this is included in your quarterly fee.

4What are the extra costs after I pay the quarterly fee?
Consumables are not covered by the quarterly fees. These are sometimes referred to as "expenses" within the industry. Consumables include food, beverages, dockage while away from the homeport of Miami and fuel used while on board.

5What happens if I want to sell my share before the end of my 5 years?
Option #1 - If you decide that the AvYachts program is not for you within the fi rst year of ownership, AvYachts will buy back your share of the yacht for 70% of what you paid, guaranteed, no questions asked.

Option #2 - If you decide you want to sell your portion of the yacht at any point before your 5-year term is over, AvYachts will market your portion of the boat and sell it for you as if it were a full yacht sale.

6Who owns the yacht?
AvYachts owners purchase a portion of an LLC that owns the Yacht. You will own the portion of the yacht that you decide is right for you.

7How is the yacht divided?
30 weeks are available per year. We divide that into 10% increments at 3-weeks. An owner can buy as many 10% increments as they need.

8Is there a benefit to buying more than one 10% interest?
Owners that own 20% or more are guaranteed at least 10 holidays of their choice over the 5-year time. Link to list of Holidays

9Why only 30 weeks?
To be well maintained a yacht needs to spend six weeks a year in the yard, it takes time to reposition the yacht to the different destinations plus we do need turn over days to prepare the yacht for the next owner and to give the crew time off. The yacht is not used more than 30 weeks a year.

10Do you offer financing?
All share interests can be fi nanced up to 50% of the sale price. For instance, a $995,000 share will be $447,500 down and $447,500 over 5 years at LIBOR plus 550 basis points based on a 15-year amortization with a balloon at 5 years.

11What happens if another owner defaults on their payments?
AvYachts will act as the management company. They will be responsible for collecting quarterly fees and if an owner defaults on those payments, no other owner will be affected. In-house fi nancing is offered for up to 50% of the purchase price of the shares. If a share is fi nanced and payment for the share becomes delinquent, that share of the boat will be taken back and no other owner will be affected.

12How do I select my weeks?
Sign on to your Owners App to begin the yearly process. We conduct a round-robin selection process starting with the fi rst person who buys and then the selection process continues through-out all the owners in order of purchase. The following year that fi rst person will be second. You will be selecting from more than 30 weeks made available so you have lots of options (only 30 can be booked - max on a yacht) based on the location and dates that you want to travel.

13Do I have to book only 7-day weeks?
Flex weeks are available at the home port in Miami. You can book four single-day trips within the fl ex weeks or two three-days trips instead of a full week.

14What if I don't need all my weeks one year?
As a perk of AvYachts ownership, we gift our owner's membership to Elite Alliance, a network of luxury resorts and homes throughout the world. If you decide that you would like to trade one of your weeks for points just let your AvYachts concierge assist with trading your week for Elite Alliance points. Click here for the list of included properties. One week on the yacht will be multiple weeks in properties all over the world.

Click here for Elite Alliance desination maps

15What are the benefits versus ownership?
While there are some great benefi ts to full yacht ownership, it is extremely expensive, and a huge portion of those expenses are wasted since the boat goes unused for a large portion of the year. The AvYachts program allows you to pay for what you use. On average, an AvYachts owner saves over 80% compared to full ownership of a similar boat, while spending just as much time enjoying the boat as they would if they owned the entire yacht. What this means is that many people can afford to enjoy a far superior yacht compared to what they could afford on a full ownership basis. This also means that people who already enjoy this category of luxury yacht can save millions compared to their full ownership.

16What are the benefits versus charter?
Since the AvYachts fl eet is owned by a select group of owners who have a vested interest in the boats, the quality of boat is second to none. You will get to know your crew and they will get to know you, your family and all your preferences. You will feel right at home when you board your boat because your linens, your family pictures, and your personal items will already be on board waiting for you when you arrive. You will not be at the mercy of the yacht owner because you are the owner. In charter situations, if the owner decides they want to use the boat during your charter period, they will pull the boat leaving your broker scrambling to fi nd a replacement boat for your planned vacation. The lack of negative surprises is something that our owners value greatly.

17What is the catch?
AvYachts owners understand that they do need to be a little bit fl exible so that all owners can be accommodated as best as possible. If you want to use your boat for most of the year and have full operational control over it, full ownership is a better choice for you than shared ownership. If you only charter once every year or two, charter or an AvYachts trial might be a better option for you. AvYachts is a great fi t for people who want to be on their yacht for 3-6 weeks out of the year. AvYachts owners get excited to explore the many beautiful locations where the boats will spend time throughout the year and value the fact that they do not have to cover these repositioning costs alone.