Windward Islands

Five main islands come together beneath the fluttering bright and breezy banner of the wonderful Windward Islands. This is a land of soft-lit lagoons, rising green pitons, and carnival color that douses everything in feathers and fun. AvYachtsTM owners can take their pick when cruising these Caribbean grounds, served with a dollop of British colonial history on the side. Hike the dense delight of St. Lucia, lose yourself in the tapestry of blue that is Barbados, and let these islands of spice and sunsets wash over you. These are the Windward Islands.

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Shake off sheer sophistication for a few days as you immerse yourself in the tropical Caribbean countryside charm of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Crowing roosters, ribbons of blue silk upon which to sail, and scores of parrots perched in the trees, boasting hallucinatory flashes of color — the Grenadines does not fall short on natural flair. Sail over to beautiful Bequia to snorkel cool clear waters and to visit the turtle sanctuary, before heading to Petit Vincent for a spot of five-star pampering.


Fair winds carry the storie of the Spice Island, wafting up to your AvYachtsTM deck and tempting you to step ashore. Grenada is a vision of verdant green and strips of bleached white sand. Start in the pretty port capital of St. George, where the harbor boasts a collection of bobbing boats set against a bright backdrop of cheery buildings. Keen hikers can head into the depths of the Grand Etang National Park to see the lake-filled crater of an ancient volcano. The nutmeg processing station also lends a glimpse into how Grenada earned its fragrant nickname.


Those who want their Caribbean calm rattled by a rush of adrenaline will adore the balance that can be found on Barbados. While the sugar-soft beaches, swaying hammocks, and rum punch afternoons tick all the boxes, there is also the chance to surf peeling green waves, to aerial trek through the canopies, and to snorkel at Batts Rock.

When you need a break from excitement, you can walk the pearly sands of Mullins Beach, taste fresh fish in the lively little hub of Oistins, and head up to Mount Gay to taste some of the best rum in the world. Those looking to splurge and soak up local culture can head to Bridgetown — lined with colorful colonial buildings, the whole downtown area has been hailed a UNESCO heritage site.


St. Lucia may be all drama when you spy her rising pitons from the deck of your superyacht, but on the ground she is lush, laid-back cool. Adventurous travelers adore their time in St. Lucia — especially when climbing volcanoes, wandering rich botanical gardens, and ziplining over giant ficus trees in the rainforest.

Marigot Bay is perhaps one of the most photogenic spots for yacht lovers who want to admire the plethora of white sails set against green and blue. Head into the Sulphur Springs Park to soak in the bubbling waters. For those who want duty-free fun, Point Seraphine is a great place to pick up glittering jewels and local artwork.


A flash of color and a flourish of feathers: Trinidad and Tobago are celebrated as the Caribbean carnival islands. Despite having one of the biggest blowouts of carnival season, Trinidad and Tobago remain much more under the radar than other Caribbean ports of call. Still, here on these shores you can find mist-cloaked rainforests, icing-sugar sands, rolling mountain vistas, and colonial cities boasting fascinating histories. Start by dropping anchor close to Pigeon Point Beach for a truly spectacular Caribbean cliché. Swing by the Port of Spain to admire the Victorian-style mansions and see the 18th-century cannons that crown Fort King George. Those seeking to immerse themselves in the natural bliss of Trinidad and Tobago will find impeccable snorkeling at Buccoo Reef and exotic bird calls on a boat tour of the Caroni Swamps.