U.S. Virgin Islands

They may be U.S. territories, meaning that AvYachtsTM lovers can leave their passports and foreign currency at home, but the U.S. Virgin Islands certainly feel a world and a half away. A veritable playground of expansive national parks, lost sugar plantations, National Geographic-hailed beaches, and pirate lore, it's hard not to fall for the easy, breezy blues and greens that mark the U.S. Virgin Islands on the map.

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Your gateway to the glory of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is where tourism collides with tantalizing landscapes. Beneath the hustle and bustle of the duty-free malls and the energy of Charlotte Amalie, you will find gauzy stretches of sand and jungle-green hills bordering the background. Be sure to lap up the turquoise-hued scene at glitzy Magens Bay, escape to Frenchtown for a slice of savoir-faire dining, and be whisked away to nearby Water Island to snorkel remote shores.


St. Croix may be the largest of the three main islands in the USVI, but it manages to keep its vibe wonderfully wild. Sitting 40 miles south of the other islands, St. Croix feels a little further removed from the tourist trail. The two main towns boast different moods: Christiansted is local and lively and Frederiksted is soft and sleepy. History buffs will be inspired by the charm imbued in the 18th-century forts and the remnants of a sugarcane past. For those AvYachtsTM members seeking sublime underwater snorkeling trails and hearty hiking, St. Croix and the nearby Buck Island are a must.


St. John is the island for those who prefer to walk on the completely wild side. A good two-thirds of this glorious little island is a protected national park. Expect studded cacti lands, an abundance of flora and fauna, birdsong and turtles, and very little infrastructure cutting through the calm. St. John is the perfect island spot for those who want to explore hidden coves and secret bays by kayak or paddleboard. This is where you will also find some of the finest snorkeling and wild swimming spots on the islands, especially at the fabled Trunk Bay.