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Cuba is an intricate and exciting time capsule that is now yours to explore in a way some never imagined possible. With its rich culture, inspiring history and culinary delights that would make even the most seasoned travelers swoon, Cuba is like no other. Our mysterious and enchanting Caribbean neighbor to the south is a romantic adventure whose time has finally come.

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An unprecedented city, old and new, unique and unusual. Unlike many cities, Havana understands how to preserve its architectural heritage and its colonial past. The famous Old Havana, where the city began more than five centuries ago, is one of the best preserved architectural ensembles of the Americas. The blend between African and Spanish footprints makes it one of the most unique cities in Latin America. It is also a fountain of inspiration for poets and musicians alike. This city a must-see when discovering Cuba and all its splendor.


As the most Caribbean city in Cuba, Santiago de Cuba is known for its fusion of cultures, a mixture of Spanish, African, French, Haitian and West Indian. The singular beauty of Santiago's landscapes, the nearby sea and mountains, the lively atmosphere, and its friendly inhabitants are characteristics which distinguish the city and make it one of Cuba's most desirable destinations.


As you walk in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus and his entrance into the New World, you'll see for yourself why he believed that it was "the most beautiful land human eyes had ever seen". The city has a history of more than five centuries and some of the most picturesque scenes Cuba has to offer.


Famous as the land that produces the world's best tobacco, Pinar del Rio offers a landscape of unusual and incomparable beauty, from the highest mountains to the sea floor. This stunning region is characterized by its valleys, mountains, caves, rivers, cliffs and fertile land. Due to all its natural splendor, Pinar del Rio is known as Cuba's Natural Cathedral.


Nicknamed the Pearl of the South after its magnificent bay, Cienfuegos is considered to be the architectural jewel of the nineteenth century. The city's ports are bathed by the Caribbean Sea and a beautiful bay. It is also rich in palaces, parks, theaters, churches and a promenade that extends almost to the sea and is a daily meeting point for visitors and inhabitants alike.


Since its birth, Matanzas has been known as "The Venice of Cuba" because of its many bridges and as "The Athens of Cuba" because of its many poets. It also proudly boasts one of the best beaches in the world: Varadero, a masterpiece of nature. The fine white sand and warm transparent waters makes it one of the most important and recognized beaches in the world.


The charm of this city can be found in its unique combination of Spanish and Arabic architecture characterized by winding narrow streets and alleys. Step outside the city and you'll find breathtaking beaches of white sand and transparent waters.