AvYachtsTM Careers

AvYachtsTM only hires the best crew in the yachting industry.

Elevate your yachting career and apply for a career at AvYachtsTM today!

AvYachtsTM crew members are some of the best in the industry. We strive for excellence and hand-pick those potential candidates who show a true understanding of what luxury means and have the skills to perform at the highest level.

AvYachtsTM crew positions offer a great benefits package consisting of compensation above industry standards, training, development and rotational positions. We offer strong management support plus the benefit of an exciting career path. We are presently looking for crew on both our 40 and 34 meter yachts.

Requirements: US citizen or green card holder, ENG 1 and STCW95 plus appropriate licenses for each position. Looking for nonsmokers with no visible tattoos. Interviews will be held at our Fort Lauderdale office.

Please submit your CV to info@avyachts.com


Our captains are highly trained and very experienced leaders. They constantly oversee the yacht, owners, guests and crew to ensure smooth, efficient and safe operations. Working hand in hand with our shore-based office, they maintain a busy schedule while providing the best possible experience to AvYachtsTM Owners and their guests.


As the Captain's right hand, the Mate is second in command on our yachts. Ultimately responsible for the deck department they are constantly keeping the exterior at the highest of standards at all times. In addition to this, they assist with navigation, the supervising of crew and highly contribute to a variety of guest services.

Chief Stewardess / Stewardess

Our interior staff are driven, methodical and extremely organized in managing the interior and guest services. They are trained in the AvYachtsTM way and work directly with our shore-based concierge and management teams to maintain the company standards to provide superior service to AvYachtsTM owners.


The engineers in our program are very knowledgeable, technical, and fully licensed individuals. With versatile skillsets, they constantly handle a wide range of services including routine maintenance and various repairs. They play a vital role safeguarding and maintaining the safety of our yachts to keep them at high performance standards.


Our chefs are creative, very disciplined and culinary skilled. They are highly trained to maintain the consistency while meeting the high demands often required in this position. Meanwhile, they continuously balance the provisioning of top quality ingredients, keeping galley in pristine condition and creating food that pleases the taste buds of both guests and crews.

Stewardess / Deck Hand / Deck Stew

We have experienced and motivated crew working throughout the decks of our yachts. Our interior and exterior crew play crucial roles to the functioning of our yachts. They are well-rounded team players offering a variety of valuable skills helping to maintain our yachts, assisting with guests and always performing high level of service we strive for at AvYachtsTM.