Sailing around sun-soaked islands, starting each day with a dip in the sea, and lapping up lavish silver service on deck – experiencing a yacht charter can truly be a dream come true. For those who have never stepped foot on a superyacht before, the thought can be a little daunting. These tips from the experts can help to put your mind at ease and encourage smooth sailing across the seven seas…

Communication is Key

It may be an age-old cliché, but from the second you sit down with your broker to the moment you step onboard – communication matters when it comes to delivering a dream yacht experience. Be very clear with your broker as to what kind of yacht you want, what amenities are important, and what destinations you are hoping to call on. Be clear with the chef about your food preferences, which champagne you love the most and even what herbs you adore in your salad. A yacht charter is all about delivering a first-class and extremely personal service, and so the people planning that for you will need to know what you want.

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Go Early in the Season

Whether you want to sail the Cinque Terre or swim with dolphins in the Caribbean, booking your yacht charter early in the season comes with plenty of benefits. First, you will have a lot more privacy in port than if you were to go in the midst of tourist season when crowded beaches can spoil the view. Second, your crew, captain, and even the yacht will be fresh and ready as opposed to later in the season when everyone can feel fatigued after endless weeks chartering guests at sea.

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The Crew Matters

While everyone will have a wish list for their yacht experience – the crew should be a high priority. Even if you have a dazzling underwater dance floor, outdoor cinema and spa – it won’t be a wonderful experience unless your crew are first class. It always helps to choose a yacht with a well-established team who can move seamlessly around the boat and work beautifully together. A new team may have teething errors, and you don’t want to waste your experience being the guinea pig.

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Al Fresco Space

Superyacht interiors are important – whether you prefer calm and cool or rich and opulent. There is no place more important than the sundeck. Most people will choose to sail to places splashed in sunlight which means there will be many hours spent out in the bright and balmy air. From sundecks with swimming pools to lots of pure white lunging space and spots for reading in the shade – you want a place that oozes comfort. Some guests will also want to choose yacht charters that have plenty of space for late night soirees or intimate spaces for al fresco dining or soaking in the hot-tub. Wherever you are heading, you want to make sure the sundeck is a place you want to stay.