Alaska is a truly impressive summer destination and is unlike any other yacht charter destination in the world. Separated from the rest of the US by Canada, Alaska is a state full of dramatic landscapes, glaciers and mountains, and abundant wildlife that has thrived in this sparsely populated land.  With stunning fjords and glaciers, Alaska is recognized as a premier yachting destination. By chartering a private yacht, you will experience the pristine landscapes in a way that only a select few can.

Onboard a luxury yacht charter, the possibilities for once-in-a-life-time experiences in Alaska are endless. You can use the yacht’s tenders to go search for wildlife, such as bears, whales, seals and bald eagles. Or take a seaplane tour, and soar above the majestic mountains. Alaska also offers heli-skiing, helicopter glacier tours, first-class hiking, fly fishing and so much more.

Home to North America’s highest peak, the national parks of Alaska provide a unique habitat for bird and animal life. Animal lovers will be in paradise with the chance to see Alaska’s wild animals, including mammals and birds living freely in the open. Encounter some of the most treasured Alaskan animals, such as bears hunting for salmon, sea lions swimming about in open waters, or magnificent bald eagles gliding high in the sky. 

Admiralty Island is home to an estimated 1,600 brown bears (no black bears here). It has one of the of the world's highest density brown bear populations —more brown bears than the lower 48 states combined. Perhaps one of the most sought-after animals to see in Alaska, though, is the humpback whale. If you’re lucky enough to see them during a bubble-net feeding, it will be an amazing opportunity to see this age-old dance done harmoniously by a group of humpback whales, showcasing how they feed in their natural habitat. 

Voyage through fjords, and anchor by a glacier. You can take a kayak to check out the glacier up close.  Fly fish for salmon, try out a seaplane, or take a halibut fishing excursion and anchor in Pybus Bay to check out the sea lions. Cruise over to Red Bluff Bay, and wake up to the sound of the water from the 600-foot-tall waterfall.


The wilderness of Southeast Alaska is nothing short of amazing. View this as a yacht sightseeing trip with a few off-the-boat excursions. It is common to see 70-75 degrees (very occasionally 80) during the summer. Due to the long daylight hours of summer, most of the time it feels even warmer.  At the glaciers, temperature and wind chill can be very cold and uncomfortable if not dressed accordingly. Plan to bring layers: long sleeve shirt, flannel/fleece, and a raincoat. We will provide you with a recommended packing list for your excursion.

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