Cruising the Greek islands in summer or setting sail for the shores of the Caribbean in winter, many people believe that superyacht sojourns have two very distinct destination seasons. However, a superyacht offers so much more than a couple of weeks in Monaco and a week in Antigua. Year-round ports of call, endless expeditions, and everything in-between can all be yours.

Those investing in shared yacht ownership will find that having a chunk of sailing calendar suddenly cracks the world wide open. From spritely spring coasts to romantic shores – here’s how to map out your year in superyacht style….

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Yachting Spring Breaks

If you want to escape the endless drizzle of April showers, then may we suggest setting sail for stunning Exuma. With average daily temperatures soaring to 30 degrees and 12 hours of balmy sunshine, you won’t miss home. The fables of pirates, the swimming pigs of Big Major Cay, and the charm of Harbour Island is surrounded by one of the worlds great reefs, meaning springtime plunges to see the blooming coral gardens below.

Nothing says spring finer than the white sand shores and lolling lighthouses of the Abacos. An abundance of treasured beaches, fabulous spiced foods, and rum soaked haunts make it a spot that every superyacht charter should earmark. Rent a bicycle and explore Hope Town and go bonefishing on Great Guana.

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Summer Yacht Jaunts

If the Mediterranean seems too much with the summer crowds, then spend the summer swinging by the country clubs and sailing the gauzy blue and white picket fence delights of New England. Being aboard a yacht gives you unlimited access to the prettiest ports of call. From Cape Cod to Martha’s Vineyard and even the Hamptons; you can drop anchor, feast on buttery clam chowder and celebrate the 4th July in proud USA style.

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Yachting in the Fall 

In the fall months, set sail for Cuba – Havana boasts one of the hottest harbors, only a stone's throw from the crumbling baroque beauty of the town. Sip a Hemmingway inspired rum as you watch Cadillac’s pass, and when the stars come out, get ready to throw down some moves to rhumba, salsa or afro jazz. Take a car into rural Cuba and discover the rising lush mountains and faded tobacco plantations. Snorkel through the caves of Lost Paradise and fall head over heels with the postcard-perfect beaches of Cayo Largo.

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Winter Yacht Getaways

With several spots in the Caribbean being hit hard by the hurricanes, winter may take some creative thought. The British Virgin Islands still boasts some spectacular spots – with turquoise hues that will lend another meaning to the term January blues. Surfers should set sail for Tortola and the rolling white waters of Apple Bay. Afterward, iron out those tight muscles with a celebratory stay on Peter Island where diamond rose massages await you on Christmas morning. Finally, Jost van Dyke is a great spot for seeing in the New Year, especially barefoot on sugar sands with a rum punch in hand.