There are few places more romantic in the world than being snuggled beneath a cashmere blanket on the deck of your superyacht, watching the stars fall into the sea. AvYachts Owners who are part of our pristine yacht share program will find the ocean provides more than a great escape; it offers the picture-perfect setting to rekindle your love.

Whether celebrating an anniversary, sailing into the sunset on your honeymoon, or just planning a darling date night – here are some sensual ideas for couple’s night on your superyacht charter…

Image 0303: dinner

Silver Suppers

One of the very best things about having access to your own yacht is that it goes beyond the simple idea of boat life. A private yacht charter can double as your own floating home, your private spa oasis, and your very own restaurant. With a personal chef onboard and a crew at your beck and call, you can plan elegant silver suppers for two. Dine al-fresco on the deck, watching the lights blink on the bay. With white linen, the finest silver, and wines imported from the shores of Europe this is the ultimate start to date night.

Depending on where you are anchored, you can choose a menu to reflect the sublime environment surrounding you. For those bobbing off the beautiful shores of New England; clam chowders are the perfect way to celebrate. For those in South Florida and Bimini, then think zesty fresh cocktails and key lime pie for dessert.

Image 0298: picnic

Private Picnics

Go beyond those stay at home suppers and celebrate date night in all her far-flung finery. Take the tender and find your very own secluded patch of sand for sunset picnics without another soul in sight. Places like the Exumas or the Abacos are brimming with secret smidges of sand to claim as your own desert island dream. Spots like Cane Garden Bay in the British Virgin Islands or Tahiti Beach in the Abacos offer dreamy stretches of sand where you are sure to find your own corner.

Fill a picnic basket with gourmet cheeses, a bottle of chilled vintage champagne, or barbecue some lobster fresh from the bay. Spread out a blanket and lounge for hours as you witness the rosy sky turn to gold and then dark blue.

Movies on Deck

Some sublime superyachts even come with their own onboard cinema. Yachts that offer al fresco cinema spaces on deck make for a dreamy date setting. Sprawl out on deck and watch your favorite film beneath a fistful of stars.

Let the crew tiptoe around you as they bring out buttery homemade popcorn or the chefs signature gelato style ice-cream. Crack a few ice-cold beers and kick back in total bliss.

Go Out Dancing

For those superyacht guests who like their romance served with a side of sweat-soaked energy – then a night stepping ashore to go out dancing can get the pulse racing. Especially true for those taking their shared yacht charter to spots like Cuba.

Spending the night salsa dancing at one of Havana’s hottest clubs makes for an incredible date night. From the iconic Buena Vista Social Club to the Casa de la Música – be sure to bring your dancing shoes as you glide together until the small hours of the morning. Perhaps the best location for salsa dancing in Cuba has to be the Jardins del 1830. With a dancefloor set in the whimsical outdoor garden of a historic mansion – with views looking right down onto the sea, you couldn’t dream up a more alluring destination for locking eyes with the one you love.


Image 0297: sunset cruise

Sunset Cruise

Superyachts often come with a wide range of tenders and toys, for the more active couple who love to explore – nothing says intrepid date night like a sunset tender ride around the coast. Cut through the fragrant mangroves of Florida, or paddle into pure blue perfection around the North Sound of the British Virgin Islands. As the sky flames in all her favorite colors, perhaps you will witness the wonder of a pod of dolphins pass by or see the shadow of a drifting green turtle. There is nothing more romantic, than you, your lover, the movement of the water and the blur of the horizon.

Share a Yacht Share your Love

Shared yacht ownership truly gifts you the chance to heighten your pleasure of the world. Having a yacht invites you to step off the beaten track and explore all the far-flung corners of the globe – the romantic possibilities suddenly become endless. Once upon a time, it may have seemed that yacht ownership was out of reach, but when you work in harmony with other yacht owners on a yacht share program, you have the chance to own your piece of floating paradise. For lovers, having your own sublime superyacht playground and the expanse of the ocean to explore, this means making memories that last a lifetime.