Marriage isn’t always smooth sailing, but planning a honeymoon on a with AvYachts can start you on course with fair winds and truly unique memories. Whether you choose desert island bliss against the dreamy hues of the Caribbean, or to traverse the ancient mythology of Greece, or the tantalizing tastes of the Amalfi Coast – a yacht honeymoon puts the world in the palm of your hand.

What newlyweds are really seeking is the chance for privacy, and to feel as though they are the only two in the world. AvYachts can give this to you. Whether you chose to invest in a share or use AvYachts Paradise Getaway Card, your honeymoon on a yacht becomes your own floating palace, a private villa with a host of staff ready and willing to meet your every need. From planning your own menu to picking where you watch the sunset – every inch of the experience is completely tailor-made. Here are some tips to help you plan a dazzling honeymoon onboard a yacht…

A Perfect Destination

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The joy of gliding through blue waters on your honeymoon is that you aren’t tied to a single destination, yet you still need to plan which part of the world you wish to explore. Europe in the summer makes for a sublime sight – especially for those seeking UNESCO heritage, fine foods, and ancient history. Some of the favored romantic highlights are the Aegean Islands (notably Santorini at sunset), the Amalfi Coast with its lemon soaked shores and sweet wines, and the French Riviera for glitz, glamor and casino nights.

If you say I do in the winter months, then the Caribbean is a perfect honeymoon calling. The Bahamas never disappoints with its pearly pink sands and bright coral reefs. Couples who want to walk on the wild side can also head down the Norwegian Fjords, to beautiful Borneo or fierce and fabulous Fiji.

Yacht Wish List

Beautiful refined boats are something to splash out on when it comes to your first worldly escape as a duo. As there are only two of you, it’s less important to focus on size and more important to focus on style and features when it comes to your yacht.

Choose something whimsical and elegant and make a list of the must-haves you want from your charter. Perhaps you dream of an onboard jacuzzi so you can toast flaming sunsets while soaking in the bubbles. Maybe, you want a full spa with onboard masseuse so you can indulge in a massage every day, or you could dream of diving by moonlight and want a qualified instructor onboard to guide you.

Spurlge of Special Touches

Planning an itinerary with AvYachts Concierge helps you to add those special touches. Think carefully about what you want to do when you step ashore – a rum tasting in Grand Cayman? Shopping in pretty St. Barts? Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas? AvYachts also provides the perfect platform for those signature special touches. You can hire a string band for the night to serenade you over a silver service dinner on the aft deck, you can bring in a photographer to capture the moments that will snag your heart forever, and you can make a stop to shop for rare black pearls in Moorea.

A honeymoon with AvYachts takes you out of the ordinary and place you in the center of your own sweet world, because your love is rare and unique – be sure to celebrate!