The new year is always a time to think about renewal and rejuvenation. That means eating right and staying healthy. Calories in and calories out. While our world-class chefs certainly make sure you are eating well and getting plenty of calories in, we also have some fun and exciting opportunities for exercise both on board and in the beautiful, tropical-blue water. From yoga instructors onboard yacht to donning a wet suit and a snorkel, there are plenty of ways to get active.  (and calorie burned an hour)

o   Yoga   450

o   Golf   330

o   Paddle boards 305

o   Jet Skiing  238

o   Water Skiing 324

o   Scuba diving  300

o   Snorkeling  300

o   Wake boarding 324

o   Swimming 510

Exercise and fresh air are great for your health.  Digest your food more effectively, improve blood pressure and heart rate, and strengthen the immune system. It also makes you happier, give you more energy and sharpen your mind!