Business and boats seem to go together beautifully. There is no better way to make a first impression than toasting a simmering sunset with a champagne cocktail in hand. While many consider superyachts to be the realm of family holidays, romantic escapes, or a wild get together with friends – they also provide the perfect mise-en-scene for life-changing business deals away from the confines of the shore.

AvYachts can deliver silver service and lashings of sophistication, but also offer a laid back and inspired environment for plenty of fun. For closing business deals and for entertaining VIP clients you couldn’t ask for more. Take a look at these reasons yacht charters always lead to better business deals.

Perfect Privacy

Important business meetings require periods of time without distraction; something that can be hard to find. Even in restaurants, hotels, or sleek skyscrapers, we are often tethered to our phones, watching the clock for our next appointment or being interrupted by passersby. Often, all you need to cut a deal is the splendor of perfect privacy and a yacht gifts you exactly that. There are no distractions or other engagements to think about when you are out in the midst of the deep blue sea, cocktail in hand, and the sun splashing on the deck. Sure, the crew is there to tiptoe around, fill your glasses and add another lobster to your plate – but being well versed in silver service, you need not worry about a single interruption when out at sea.

Time and Space to Break

Along with time and space to talk, a good business get together offers time and space to break away and think. When this happens on land, putting physical space between yourself and a client can lose you important ground. Yet, on a superyacht you have space to retreat to your own sophisticated cabin suite, to take the jet skis out to jump across the waves, or to indulge in an onboard massage before coming back to the table to talk. This space to think while still sharing the same floating oasis works wonders when it comes to positive psychology – boosting your chances of a positive business deal.

Fun and Formality

Business should always be inspiring, especially when entertaining clients or celebrating a potential deal. A superyacht strikes just the right balance – offering formal suppers with pearls and sommelier wines alongside days spent diving off the deck and stepping ashore to party in Miami or rolling the dice in Monaco’s glitzy casinos. The balance of fun and formality helps to make business deals a little more humane, as does spending one on one time with someone you wish to partner or work with. The human element is said to be one of the most important assets in business and long hours at sea in a swish environment allows you to lay out your more personal side in a beautiful manner.

And of course, work with your AvYachts Concierge to ensure that your yacht charter doesn’t skip a beat. If your VIP guests are coming from a far-flung destination like Japan then it can be a nice touch to host a sushi night on deck, or bring out a bottle of the finest Sake to celebrate. These small touches can make all the difference when it comes to a successful charter for better business deals.