When the stars come out one thing is sure – superyacht guests like to play. With a stunning floating oasis, a bar well stocked with champagne, and lashings of al fresco space, there is no better place to plan a five-star party. Instead of just throwing on a designer dress and sipping cocktails on deck you can step it up a notch with a fabulous theme night. Decadent decorations, creative costumes, and a dollop of daring flair and color – take a look at these ideas for a tantalizing theme night….

The Masked Ball

For those sailing around the stunning Venetian peninsular, you can organize a glorious masked ball. Step on shore to select one of the dazzling carved carnival masks from Mondonovo; the same seller where Zeffirelli and Kubrick purchased masks for their Hollywood masterpieces. Pick a color theme – black and gold or velvet red work beautifully and don’t forget to ask your stewards to incorporate low and moody lighting to keep the shade of mystery. Candles and drapes can transform any salon into something spectacular. For dinner suggestions keep it Italian with chilled prosecco, delirious cheeses, and cured prosciutto. You can even hire a string band to deliver a dose of Vivaldi beneath the moon.

Hollywood Stars

Roll out the red carpet for a Hollywood inspired soiree that is sure to come laced in diamonds and pearls. Whether you opt for a 50’s vintage black tie ball, a breakfast at Tiffany’s theme, or an Oscars celebration – nothing puts the glitz in a party quite like Hollywood. This is a great choice for those anchored along the French Riviera for a dash of added glam. Décor can include lots of hanging stars, white linen, and duck egg blue Tiffany boxes placed as table favors. Cocktails can deliver Manhattan glam and the dress code should, of course, be as elegant as possible with Dior gowns and Italian tailored suits. A mock award ceremony can be arranged complete with speeches to bring a decadent night to climax.

Literary Lovers

From Game of Thrones to Alice in Wonderland; picking your favorite book and basing a superyacht soiree on that theme is an elegant way of celebrating literature. Dress up as a Lannister and drink Dornish wine, or go wild with Queen of Hearts décor and cocktails in teapots. You could also organize a Great Gatsby style affair with flapper dresses, taffeta and pearls to match the free-flowing Cristal. If you have children on deck a Harry Potter inspired night with wands, and butterbeer and floating candles is an excellent choice to bring a spark of magic to events.

Historical Glory

From ancient Rome to the myths and legends of Greece, depending on where your port of call is – you can call on the notes of history. For those setting sail for the cyclops islands of Greece, there is nothing better than togas, mezze platters, and philosophical speech. For the Amalfi coast, you can bring Bacchus the beat with wine and feasting. The Norwegian fjords are not only a dazzling place to explore by superyacht but you can also plan a Viking inspired theme night. From fires to furs and saunas to mead – as you glide beneath the blaze of the Northern Lights you will truly feel as though you stepped back in time and into another world.