Westport Shared Yacht Ownership

discovering your happy place, over and over and over again

Westport Shared Yacht Ownership

feeling perfectly at home with not a house in sight

AvYachts Fractional Yacht Ownership

redefining your playground

Instant Yachtification

Instant Yachtification is here

It's about being transported to a new luxurious world that would otherwise take years to master and many more dollars to invest in. It's an unmatched experience for you to share with family, friends and loved ones. As a shared owner, the stress and hassle are removed from the entire equation. The yachting world becomes full of fun, adventure, wonder, care and service that very few things in life can match. Once on board, it's your world. Your yacht. Your perfectly tailored experience. What are you waiting for?

The AvYachts Experience

Shared Yacht Ownership

With AvYachts, you'll enjoy all the benefits of yacht ownership for a share of the cost. One single monthly fee covers turnkey yacht management, maintenance and concierge planning services.

One App, Total Convenience

One App, Total Convenience

AvYachts' one-touch private jet and yacht experience app delivers concierge service and the ultimate yachting experience to today's busy clients in a seamless, stress-free and convenient package.