Shared ownership privileges

Whether you have always dreamed of owning a yacht or simply want to have the ultimate luxury experience at your fingertips, AvYachts is the solution. Your AvYachts Share® entitles you to all of the joys of owning a yacht with the added benefit of fixed running and maintenance costs. AvYachts owners enjoy complete personalization of their yacht from linens to photos and favorite provisions. AvYachts owners can book their yacht for up to six weeks each year - at a price that is significantly less than chartering. Exchange one of your weeks with another AvYachts owner on a similar yacht anywhere in the world.

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Concierge Team

Your AvYachts Concierge Team will arrange for VIP transportation services to and from your yacht, including private jet travel, at special member rates from our aviation partners' global fleet. The AvYachts Concierge Team specialize in creating premier customized yachting experiences designed to meet the individual needs of every owner, our emphasis is always on exceeding expectations.

Instant Yachtification means: best of both land and sea.

As an AvYachts owner, you also have the privileges of being Premier Elite Alliance member. After enjoying weeks on the ocean, you have the unique ability to trade a week on your yacht for multiple weeks at a Tuscan Villa or any other premium Elite Alliance property in over 100 destinations throughout the world.

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